Most Influential Companies Of The Year 2024

Globalization is transforming the business landscape and radically redefining the future of international trade, leading to the rise in competition among businesses. To survive and position itself in the global market, the influential companies are constantly competing, revamping business models, reshaping strategies and staying abreast of emerging trends in their respective fields.


The current edition of the CEO Views brings to you the “Most Influential Companies of the year 2024.” The list highlights the most influential companies in the industry who have adopted new techs at lightning speed, widened the boundaries of innovation, and have manifested excellence and adaptability in unprecedented ways. The influences these companies exert over the people and the industries are unimaginably inspiring. Therefore, the enumerated companies aim to assist young entrepreneurs and organizations in accomplishing their goals and strive towards success.

Dan Natterman,

Boston, MA – CCL Hospitality Group is a premier provider of hospitality-forward dining and support services management, specifically for healthcare, senior living, and recovery care.

Alon Mantsur, CEO

Boston, MA – Cybrella is a front-runner in the cybersecurity sector. It leverages the most advanced techniques and proven best practices to protect organizations from cyberattacks.

Dr. Christopher
Sabourin, Founder

FlowPatterns/ESS provides a comprehensive digital roadmap for optimized business growth and human experience by standardizing processes, workflows, and training systems.


Established in 1993, Noble Manhattan Coaching Ltd is the world’s leading life and corporate coach training company.

Jocelyn Doucet,

Pyrowave is a pioneer in the electrification of chemical processes for low-carbon plastics’ recycling.

Antonio Gonzalez,
Chairman & Group

Sunset Hospitality Group is a leading multinational lifestyle hospitality group that delivers authentic and diverse hospitality experiences.

Abdulla Almoayed,
Founder & CEO

Tarabut is the leading open banking platform in the MENA region, operating in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the UAE.

Stephen Bittel,
Chairman &

Established in 1980, Terranova Corporation is a leading commercial real estate advisory firm in Florida.

Ira Robbins, CEO &

Valley is one of the premier commercial, retail, and private banks in the country that help clients achieve financial success by communicating with transparency and respect.

Paul Edalat,
Chirman, Founder

Vivera is an innovative, science-driven pharmaceutical company bringing innovative solutions to improve medication safety and compliance.