GDPR Solution Providers 2018

While the technology world is going through some strong transformations, GDPR has emerged as arguably the trend that has compelled organizations to reassess and re look into their security posture. Running a comprehensive program, data security rules, notification on breaches and compliance with individual rights will continue to impact deeply. To ensure compliance with GDPR, organizations have to drive and implement best practices and the data regulators will have to play a pivotal role.


Concerns are rising as the restrictions put on individual rights are getting more stringent and deeper. To combat this, more and more companies have committed their additional budget to implementing GDPR. Organizations of all size can bring GDPR under their threshold with the budget range varying from $1000 to $50 million. Close to half of the organizations world over have shown increasing legitimate interest on the processing of data. This is because of the challenge found in obtaining valid consent within the GDPR.


The CEO Views, by following all the relevant and the imminent trends and the potentiality GDPR can bring to organizations has identified few such organisations who are not demonstrating and driving GDPR based approach and helping organizations be fully compliant to any data or infrastructure change while also putting relentless efforts to devise new solutions while being adoptive of innovative strategies. Below is the list of the “top 10 firms” offering efficient, effective solutions in the field of GDPR.


Kevin Mokarow,


Aperia offers a turn-key solution that simplifies GDPR compliance by combining seamless security and compliance modules with state-of-the-art workflow




A provider of DPO solution that is highly functional and provides a meticulous approach to build and maintain an efficient GDPR strategy


Elmar Eperiesi-Beck


Eperi’s Cloud data protection solution helps organizations comply with GDPR regulations and reduce manual documentation and reporting each time


Tai Chesselet

Co-Founder & CEO

A provider of compliance software that simplifies and offers a collaborative GDPR compliance experience


Michele Angelo Pinton Founder & Managing Partner

A Provider of technology and consulting solutions specializing and helping organizations comply with GDPR for SAP Systems


Rene Oldenbeuving


Simplifying the very complex process of achieving GDPR compliance by providing solutions such as storage and creating data lakes


Alain Garnier


Jamespot’s Captain DPO offers a collaborative platform for Data Protection Officers to better manage their tasks


Kabir Barday


A leading provider of GDPR and global privacy management software solutions


Lars Nybro Munksgaard


A provider of a personal data regulation solution for better work management


Patrick Dekker


Provides a single point of insight to manage your organization’s privacy compliance assessments