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AI Solution Providers – 2018

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What was once a concept or a talked about topic on fiction and fantasy is happening today in reality. AI has swamped the present day technology world and impacting our daily lives. From weather forecasts, voice recognition, chatbots to driverless cars, the realization are all happening making life easier and simpler than ever before. From a business perspective, AI and ML technologies have contributed to a surge in terms of productivity giving a clear advantage of knowing the customer before. This is because AI and ML technologies gather massive amounts of business information which helps organizations make near to accurate predictions and gather insights which are highly unrealistic when it comes to manual methods. The impact is a huge reduction in redundancy, and thus impacting the probability of lessening errors or mistakes significantly.

AI based technologies have also helped greatly in detecting any anomalies, irregular patterns such as spams, fraudulence based acts when it comes to payments and are alerting businesses in real-time. This has not only helped organizations be worry-free on payment related activities, but has also saved them significant revenues. Be it healthcare, security, marketing or any industry vertical, AI based technologies are here to keep businesses on the front foot leading to a safer, much efficient functioning.

The CEO Views, by following all the relevant and the imminent trends and the potential AI can bring to organizations has identified few such organisations who are not only proficient, but are also putting relentless efforts to devise new solutions while being adoptive of innovative strategies. Below is the list of the “top 10 firms” offering efficient, effective solutions in the field of AI.




Jack Golabek,

AIM leverages AI and ML technologies to dedicate its focus on the design and development of information systems within the healthcare industry

Michael Sinensky

AI Assist’s industry leading cognitive solutions enables greater lead generation, nurturing and boosts sales for the finance sector

Dr. Anukool Lakhina
Founder and President

Guavus’ approach of streaming big data analytics, AI and ML innovation is enabling organizations make faster, qualitative & timely decisions at reduced costs

Andy Gray
Co-Founder & CEO

Kortical’s AI platform enables organizations to build and deploy machine learning models, helping businesses solve critical problems at faster rate

Azita Martin

Maana’s knowledge platform helps organizations solve complex operational challenges thus turning human expertise and data into digital knowledge for better and faster decision making

Joy Tang

The firm’s powerful AI based state-of-the-art image recognition technology helps bridge the gap between digital media content and e-commerce

Sarvesh Mahesh

Tavant’s next-gen AI and ML capabilities helps organizations perform tasks with enhanced efficiency, accelerates speed to market while reducing operational costs

Jay Klein

Voyager Labs’ leverages cutting-edge deep learning & cognitive computing based algorithms enabling businesses obtain actionable, granular insights

Javier Mata

A provider of AI platform specializing in emerging markets, while enabling businesses leverage a powerful AI based CRM for better handling of sales in social media

Josh Ziegler

Zumata provides AI and ML based solutions help organizations simplify complex business problems, automate tasks and greatly improve customer experience