10 Most Innovative CEOs to watch 2024

In the dynamic and ever-changing business world where vision and innovation play a crucial role in the success of an organization, only few leaders truly stand out. Leadership is a multifaceted journey, marked by self-discovery, constant learning and development, resilience and commitment to improvement. The essence of enduring success lies in embracing change.


Leaders not only exemplify outstanding leadership qualities but also demonstrate strategic and future-focused thinking for long-term business success. Such leaders seize new opportunities and create paths to adapt to the changing dynamics, constantly inspiring and influencing the business world.


Therefore, the current edition of The CEO Views brings to you “10 Most Innovative CEOs to Watch 2024”. The list highlights the most innovative and well-regarded leaders who have not only embraced innovation but have also demonstrated professional accomplishments and commitment to exceptional leadership in tune with the changing shift.


Cameron brings over 20 years of operational, mindfulness, and psychotherapy experience and is the Co-founder and CEO of Torch, a People Development Platform.

Christian Blom,


Christian Blom is the CEO of Skyfri, a digital platform empowering solar power plant owners with automated operations, maintenance and asset management.


Frederico Samartini is a strategic leader with a multifaceted experience of working in companies across various sectors.

Kenneth Funes,

Kenneth is a multifaceted leader with specialties in Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Image Processing, Medical Imaging and Electronic Engineering.

Len Gauger

With over 12 years of experience, Len Gauger boosts a proven track record of creating and leading cloud-based solutions that connect people and businesses.

Martin Strigac

Martin Strigac possesses professional and managerial experience at companies in Slovakia and abroad and continues to lead by example.

Newton Queiroz

Newton Queiroz has over two decades of experience in the insurance industry globally, serving C-level positions at both
national and regional levels.

Patrick R. Riccards

Patrick R. Riccards is a strategic leader, communicator, engagement expert, award-winning author, and advocate, building and leading non-profits for 20 years.

PC Zhu

PC Zhu possesses a remarkable career and a strong track record of entrepreneurial achievements, pioneering innovation in the biotech ecosystem.

Wayne Slavin

Wayne Slavin is the CEO and Co-Founder of Sure, a VC backed insurtech startup.