Xilo is a comprehensive SaaS Occupational Health and Safety Information Management System (an OHS ERP) founded in 2002. Since then we have been providing clients a state-of-the-art software tool to support all areas around health and safety defined as part of the implementation process. Our agile and consultative implementation process allows for meaningful customization of each module to meet the specific needs of our clients.

We essentially build glove (Xilo) to hand (the client) configuration and customizations client by client

What differentiates Xilo from other software solutions?

  • Our SaaS is more like a tailor-made solution. We essentially build glove (Xilo) to hand (the client) configuration and customizations client by client. Each Client unique requirements are built using our customizable templates and modules. What does that mean for the clients? Easier adoption, alignment to client’s business processes, a say in the software requirements, and its successful implementation.
  • Delivery of IT solutions has been known to fail in organizations because of technology limitations, adoption, and overruns in budget among other challenges. Xilo has been serving OHS Software solutions to larger organizations for over 17 years. We have identified a niche in how our templates and system is configured to allow clients to be successful in the implementation processes. We are so confident in our services and methodology that we often provide fixed price delivery.
  • Furthermore, we substantially or in some cases have eliminated the need for paper-based templates, paper-based letters, and reports and demonstrate to organizations how going exclusively digital can save time, money, resources, and be the most effective manner in eliminating workplace injury. After all, our motto is “everyone home safe at the end of the day, every day”!
  • Incredible insights. Incredible insights emerge with every module leveraged. The way data linkages are made across Xilo modules provides one of the biggest advantages over competitors.

Where do we see Xilo in the market in the next 5 – 10 years?

An industry leader setting the standard around Occupational Health and Safety Software, enabling organizations to live by the motto “everyone home safe at the end of the day, every day “.


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