Consumer behaviour has been changing for a long time, and these changes have been driving the trend in the way companies do their business. These actions of the consumers have resulted in various technological changes. From handmade items, consumers made a shift to machine-made ones. Later came the Internet, which liberalised information and made everything available at the fingertips, websites, applications, games, virtual meetings etc.

This digital adoption of the recent generations would be taking a new turn when they introduce them to the virtual worlds. A world where one could be well within the boundary of their house but still experience remote places. A place where one could experience everything around them as if they are living in that part of the part, without being physically there. Thanks to the technologies like AR & VR that have made this possible. Companies like Wool & Water are bringing this tech to the consumers to experience in their real life.

From where it all began

To understand how Wool & Water is bringing in a new experience for its users, we had its CEO & Co-founder, Jeff Bodzewski speaks to the CEO Views team. Jeff has worked in digital spaces for various tech giants, helping them build the brand, execute digital marketing strategies, and gain insights into consumer behaviour. With all these experiences, Jeff is now trying to disrupt the way people shop.

AR & VR were considered the promising tech during 2015-16, but the companies could never pick it up given the constraints over the tech, cost, and its practicality. Then early inventions by Ikea made it possible for one to see how a couch looks in your room. And then, the gaming companies started to adopt them for an immersive experience. Then came the pandemic. With the restriction around travel and large gatherings, people were confined only to the four walls that forced or accelerated these technologies’ adoption. People started exploring distant places in the comfort of their houses. This opened a new avenue for ecommerce and retailers to provide a novel experience for their customers. Since no brands were taking advantage of this, Jeff jumped into the action. He started Wool & Water to help ecommerce brands adapt to this new age technology and provide an entirely new experience to their customers.


When asked about the inspiration behind naming the organisation as Wool & Water, Jeff was exuberant to refer to one of the Chapters of “Alice Through the Looking Glass” – titled Wool & Water. The story behind Jeff and the other co-founder Justin’s Wool & Water is exactly the same – helping people visually experience the world they want to be in, right from the world they are actually in.

Trends in the market

Technology has been changing rapidly and it’s driving in various changes in the products that we see these days. Speaking about the phone that he was carrying, “phones these days have got great camera technologies. The one that I have has laser supported mapping technology that takes the measure of the depth of things around you and creates a 3D map of the place. Phone these days have greater technology to turn everything around you into a 3D graphic”.

The next trend that we can speak of it the buzz around metaverse. The digital world made to provide a completely immersive experience for the users. This is where various companies like Facebook, Snapchat and nike are already investing in. It is said to be the next big thing in the digital world. The thing that we’re watching really closely is 3D holograms. Still a little far but the idea that they can transport you to a new environment world as well as transport others into your home or office from a different environment fits in our goal.

Making the right innovation

For Wool and Water innovation has been right in core and it drives all the process for the organization. Jeff believes that bringing innovation only for the purpose of making one isn’t a right choice. But, it should be a right innovation that brings in a cultural or behavioural changes in the people using it, making their life better.

The firm has been very pragmatic and passionate with regards to the emotions and interests of each consumer. For example, the firm had developed a solution for consumers to contact the car dealer immediately upon exploring the interiors and exteriors in a XR environment. From changing colors to getting a walkthrough and exploring its soul and substance – through the touch of a button in your phone. To provide these new experience for customers, they collaborated with an industry leader who has worked with various tech giants and now develops tech stack for them.

Culture at Wool and Water

For a budding startup like Wool and Water, culture is everything. A culmination of the right minded people is what brings in harmony in the workplace and revolutions in the market. While every person at the company has a prolific profile working with few of the biggest names in the tech industry, it is their common goal of providing a new experience for the people is making them stick together. They want to make sure that the human elements are intact with the ability to freely communicate with each other that can translate into their clients’ business.

The firm also ensures that amidst the vigor of innovation, they are still grounded to ensure their strategies work. It also promotes a balance between the work and the personal life balance.

Journey from here

Though it has been a great start for people at Wool and Water, Jeff feels that there is still a lot moe to come. They are currently working on future technologies like creating 3D holograms for teleporting like experience and smart glass technology. With a group of innovators, the company is in it’s journey to make this world a better place by the products that they are bringing into the market.


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