The last two decades have seen enormous growth in the field of technology. Therefore, it is not surprising that the developments in one industry have resulted in the evolution of other sectors. Technological devices and automation are now found everywhere, from education to healthcare.

A Brief Background about Winmate Inc

Winmate Inc was born in 1996 to meet innovation needs and overcome technical barriers faced by various industries. The company specializes in creating devices that are built for prolonged use, even in harsh environmental conditions. The devices are a product of intensive research and development carried out by the company while focusing on durability and practicality.

Winmate Inc started as a touchscreen solutions provider for an American company. In a little over 25 years, the company has cemented its place as a renowned manufacturer providing its services to 12 different industrial sectors with its high-performance products, including:

  • Rugged Tablet PCs
  • Ultra-Rugged Tablet PCs
  • Industrial Panel PCs
  • Embedded Applications
  • Industrial Display Solutions
  • Vehicle Mounted Computers
  • Military/ Marine/ ATEX Grade Solutions
  • Healthcare Grade Solutions

Winmate Inc. management Team

An individual having the privilege to work at Winmate is part of some of the most advanced R&D projects in progress in Taiwan. That said, the company’s culture involves adhering to specific values of the “TAKUMI” way, which propagates balancing innovation and experience. Winmate Inc uses the set of Takumi values as part of their people management ethos.

The company encourages innovation. Under the leadership of Mr. Ken Lu, who is among many entrepreneurs that looked to incorporate technology into the supply chain process, the company included their rugged computing devices to make the supply chain more efficient

Growth and achievements

The CEO has received accolades for his ability to turn Winmate Inc from a supply chain manufacturer into an all-in-one solutions provider. Mr. Ken Lu brought the company into the limelight under his leadership. Under his stewardship, the company was listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) in 2015. He was chosen as Taiwan’s Outstanding Entrepreneur in 2020 by the EY Entrepreneur. Winmate Inc has become a trustworthy and profitable company driving digitization.

Winmate Inc is now looking to venture into telemonitoring, home healthcare, and nursing home sectors.

“Winning the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year has drastically increased the awareness of the company. The company’s exposure in Asia and overseas has made it possible for the company to look at possible global expansion options”, said Mr. Lu. By expanding the operations of Winmate Inc, the company aims to become a hub for the industries it serves and the technologically talented individuals who want better opportunities to explore their abilities to the fullest.

In addition to the efforts put in by Lu, the company management and staff led the company to receive a mention in the “Top 100 Fast-Growing Companies” announced by Forbes Asia. Winmate Inc received this award due to its growth in valuation to $60 million in 2020 and a current annual growth rate or (CAGR) of 6%.

The company was the recipient of the Taiwan Product of Excellence Award among the other awards above.

The company also expanded offerings in Asia and moved into the US, Japan, and several European countries. Thus, the solutions provided by Winmate Inc are in use in automotive, petrochemical, IoT, and other industries present in far-off lands as well.

Since its inception, Winmate Inc has focused on being among the best companies that carry out R&D projects, which are the backbone of its front-line product offerings. The company has production lines that possess artificial intelligence and thus, improve the efficiency of a business.

A view on the prospects

Winmate Inc has procured an order to create medical-grade tablet PCs for hospitals across America. These tablets will possess some of the newest technology that North America has seen.

Winmate Inc is now looking to venture into telemonitoring, home healthcare, and nursing home sectors. During the pandemic, the only way hospitals could keep track of the rising cases was through telecare. The company sees a huge opportunity and is preparing to service the enormous projected demand.

One primary objective for expansion plans is increasing the number of individuals working in the R&D operations department. The company aims to increase the strength of its R&D department by 50%. To achieve this objective, the company called upon its employees to come up with world-class solutions.

Winmate Inc keeps discipline at the forefront of its operations, making it stand apart compared to its contemporaries. With a disciplined work culture, dedicated employees, and visionary leadership, the company is all set for more success in the years to come. Winmate Inc will continue to provide some of the most innovative digital solutions to companies worldwide.


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