Appreciation Over Bonus

Employees prefer working with a manager that appreciates them than getting a salary increase. It is not always the bonus or raise that can make your workers happy. Employees feel more motivated to work knowing their bosses appreciate their efforts in most cases.

One research conducted by Appirio concluded that employees feel more valued when their managers show them appreciation than hopes for getting a cash bonus or position promotion. Did you know that more than half of employees claim they consider whether the management appreciates their employees when assessing a job offer?

Conversely, only 4 percent of employees claimed that they were more concerned with how much an employee may receive for cash bonus.

Remember, money can’t buy everything or make everybody happy. Sometimes, saying “thank you” or “good job” to your employees is enough to make them smile.

Several ways could help you show your appreciation to your employees other than giving salary increases or bonus. Some of them are listed below:

Allow Them For Day Offs

A better work-life balance is essential for all employees, especially those working remotely. As a manager, you may want to give them some day-offs to spend with their loved ones. Please note that time offs exclude the different types of PTO they currently have.

According to the CEO and president of The Sextant Group, Mark Valenti, the essential element to recognize an employee’s hard work is giving them enough time to do other things than office jobs. They can use their day-offs for a quick vacation with their loved ones. This does not need to be regular or routine. Employees feel more appreciated when you give them day-offs during the most unexpected time.

Create A Fun Tradition

Integrating fun traditions within your organization is also a great way to appreciate your employees. You can set up these company traditions that your workers will look forward to. For instance, you may host a gift-giving celebration for your workers that will let them show their appreciation for their colleagues. Moreover, you may also join them to celebrate their cultures to promote diversity.

Give Opportunities To Help Them Improve Their Career

Allow your staff to be part of a professional association meeting, be the team leader of a unique project, or promote them for good performance. Beyond that, you may also allow them to join company events to showcase their talents.

Even though promotions do not always come with a considerable salary increase, recognizing your employee’s excellent performance will encourage them to work harder for the company.

Celebrate Employee’s Birthdays And Work Anniversaries

A simple celebration of your worker’s birthday will put a smile on their face throughout the day. This does not need to be grandiose. Frequently, employees feel more appreciated when they receive a simple birthday note from their colleagues and the manager.

Aside from that, they also deserve to have a shout-out on their milestones as a worker in your organization. You may also consider giving them rewards for every milestone they celebrate with the company.

Give Your Employees Some Food

Hungry employees won’t be efficient at work. Instead, they will find difficulty in accomplishing or focusing on office tasks. So, it is best to give your employees some food.

Feeding your workers does not mean hosting lunches regularly. Show that you care for them by providing them tea and snacks during breaktimes. This simple gesture will make them feel valued and appreciated. Thus, they will be more likely to stay in your company and put extra into every work they accomplish.

Take Advantage Of A Corporate Gamification System

With the rise of new technology, employers can find different platforms designed to give employees extra points after accomplishing specific tasks. In line with that, you may also utilize an online portal displaying the points earned by your team members.

Employees can redeem their points in exchange for prizes, including work-from-home days, vacation time, cash awards, or gifts. Do not forget to show your employees that you appreciate them by doing things they find meaningful.

Encourage Feedback

Another way to show your appreciation to your employees is by encouraging them to give their thoughts and opinions about the company. Workers feel more appreciated and valued if they work in an organization where they are free to share their views.

Thus, it is crucial for company owners to have a channel that encourages employees’ feedback. Put a traditional suggestion box in one of the desks in the office where workers are free to drop their opinions towards the company and their colleagues anonymously.

You may also ask them for their opinions for further development and improvement of the company. Aside from that, they should also know how you will address their issues and when they will see changes.

Allow Them To Receive And Give Props

Allow your team members to show their appreciation to their co-workers during regular meetings. For example, allow them to recognize their colleagues who put extra effort into accomplishing the project for the whole week. Doing so creates a company that promotes appreciation, respect, and teamwork.

Give your team members equal chances to be recognized by the entire organization. In addition, let your employees know that this is not meant to create competition within the company. Instead, let them understand that you are doing this to better performance and encourage everyone to work harder.

Final Thoughts

Many companies use different programs to recognize their employee’s performance. But not all these programs work well, leading to wasted resources.

One secret to keeping your well-performing employees in your company is to make them feel appreciated and valued. There are lots of ways that you can do to express your appreciation to your workers.

Using the tips mentioned above will help you create a better and more balanced organization beneficial for you and your employees. Please note that giving bonus and salary increases are not the only way to let your workers know they are recognized and valued by the company.


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