Andy Chaudhuri, CEO

When a group of experts with technical background come together with an innovative idea, it is bound to be great. And that is exactly the story behind the emergence of White Code Labs. This young company has already made a mark in the industry with its team who are prone to newer technologies. White Code Labs helps companies to streamline their business by designing and developing a customized technological solution.

During its initial days, the company would develop software applications and focused on strategic product planning and software development. But with advancing technology, White Code Labs moved into developing cloud, big data, identity verification and protection, and cyber-security solutions.

Now, White Code Labs, the one stop shop for all kind of technological needs works towards making its client happy by aiding cost reductive and revenue enhancive solutions and services. Assuring on-time services, White Code Labs is completely customer-centric. The company offers cloud deployment services which are much more flexible and advanced as compared to other service providers in the market.

The company develops software to make it an asset for businesses, and help them stay ahead in the market by leveraging their asset. White Code Labs offers smart contract development, smart contract audit, and private blockchain development services and solutions, as well, along with blockchain training and consulting.

The most difficult challenge that the company faced during its initial days was to find out the exact pinpoint of its clients. But with experience, White Code Labs understands the exact area that needs to be addressed. Moreover, the company works for several industries like retail, logistics, FMCG, telecom, finance, healthcare and education. And every industry needs to be addressed individually. Based on the different problem areas of each industry, the company customizes its solutions and services. White Code Labs focuses on figuring out the most important problems first and solves them at an affordable cost after a vigorous R&D. To understand the different problems faced by its clients White Code Labs goes through a few rounds of conversation before designing the identity text solution for them. Moreover, unlike most of the solution providers that use old and outdated technology, White Code Labs uses only updated and advanced technology.

The company offers cybersecurity solution to a bank that was going through several challenges in terms of protecting the customer identity. With its unique identity testing solution, White Code Labs made sure that the identity of their customer is safe. The company also worked for an educational institution that was looking for a specific software solution that could be used within its geography department and helped them develop a Learning Management Software (LMS) solution.

White Code Labs is working towards having a stronger and more advanced technology and is focusing on adding advanced technologies to the data analytics industry. The company is developing a personalized news aggregator for consumers, and also building its own cloud portal like a digital ocean, and working on other cloud portals. With its own cloud activation service, the company aims to help software developers launch their application faster.

The California based B2B Technology Company is planning to make a stronger presence in the entire North America by expanding in Texas, New York, and Chicago, and in Canada, and later in Europe, and Asia. “We have seen that the Asian countries are facing numerous problems in terms of technology, so we are planning to provide the best services and solutions to them by focusing on both technological and business development expansion,” says Andy Chaudhuri, CEO, White Code Labs. Moreover, in terms of technological expansion, White Code Labs is working towards developing product application in different sectors.


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