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There are 3.6 million options available for planning a delivery route with ten stops. Under these circumstances, using a manual planning method is not an option. You can choose from various route planner applications that will take you from one commercial location to another and then to a third. But which of these options will be the more cost-effective and time-efficient choice?

Apps that help you plan routes can be beneficial in situations like this. Route delivery apps save time and energy compared to manually planning routes because of their ability to add multiple stops and optimize route lines easily.

What Is a Delivery Route Planner?

A delivery route planner is a software that helps fleets deliver goods and services to schedule their stops at various locations along their routes. A delivery route planner might provide scheduling options in addition to extras like on-demand dispatch, GPS tracking, and real-time route optimization.

Businesses can run their operations more precisely with the assistance of a delivery route planner, which creates more efficient routes. Many also include machine learning and the ability to capture feedback, which can improve the delivery process, such as improving the experience drivers and customers have.

Top 3 Best Delivery Route Planners


This delivery route planner app rescues businesses from the chaos of early morning route planning, and it is perfect for companies that assign their drivers ten or more addresses each.

Your customization level determines the monthly subscription fee amount, and you can choose which features to use by paying a separate fee for each.

On a map, the routes are laid out in a grid as a single route, etc., and come with a wealth of information and customization options. However, this app for planning delivery routes assumes that all your drivers will simultaneously depart from the exact location.


  • It claims that daily route planning will take only 60 seconds
  • It provides cross-platform functionality, synchronizing web and mobile apps.
  • It provides step-by-step instructions for each route.
  • Easily integrated with Waze and the route planner for Google Maps
  • Route customization is available for multiple drivers at the same time.
  • It is equipped with GPS tracking capabilities and records driver information.

Upper Route Planner

Upper, the company’s software for planning and optimizing delivery routes, is intended for delivery companies that are sick of inefficient planning and optimization of delivery routes. You can test the application for free for a week without providing your credit card information. Upper prioritizes ease of use so you can generate an optimized route with just a few clicks!

Many small and medium-sized businesses, including couriers, retailers, flower delivery services, and meal delivery services, all use Upper to optimize their routes to provide their customers with shorter and faster routes.

The most notable aspect of Upper Route Planner is its compatibility with Apple Maps and Google Maps, depending on the preferences of your delivery drivers. Use your preferred app to navigate after Upper has optimized your route for efficiency.

With the help of our algorithm for route optimization, our customers have reported saving at least ten hours per week while simultaneously delivering three times the number of packages. The Upper Route Planner will scale to accommodate more drivers as your business grows.


  • Excel’s one-click address import
  • One-click route deployment
  • Ahead-of-time Route Scheduling
  • Automatic location-based address detection and error-free keying
  • Create delivery documentation
  • Incorporate highways, toll roads, and other types of avoidance zones.
  • synchronization across all platforms
  • The choice to include instructions for every stop
  • Changeable settings based on the type of delivery vehicle

MapQuest Route Planner

The best free app for delivery drivers to plan an efficient route is MapQuest, which is available on mobile devices. Using its many features, you can arrange all of your destinations in the most efficient manner possible, whether for personal or professional reasons. It’s easy to make routes for both one-way and round-trip trips.

The free app, however, only permits a certain number of stops. Multiple paid versions are available depending on your needs if you have numerous destinations not covered by the free version.


  • Upload an Excel spreadsheet if you prefer.
  • For round-trip trips, the ability to make multiple stop optimizations is available.
  • In-app features such as avoiding U-turns and toll roads;
  • The fastest route can be viewed on GPS navigation software such as Google Maps and shared with other drivers via text message.
  • The free version is limited to one driver and a maximum of 26 addresses per trip.
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Using a route optimization program, whether working in a group or on your own, not only ensures that your route is as efficient as possible but also saves you a lot of time compared to doing it manually.

Most of the previously mentioned route optimization software, such as Upper and Route4Me, is compatible with Google Maps, requiring no learning curve. We have listed some apps that can help you create multi-stop delivery routes, and we hope these routes can assist your delivery service.


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