Michael Hundley, CEO, Vista Solutions Group

With the magical 2020 just on the horizon, the technology industry is all bustling up for a big showdown. Expectations will galore as technologies such as AI are expected to bring more sophistication, leading to seamless integrations and actions. Amidst all the developments happening on the backdrop, the document management and workflow automation space has always stayed a step ahead among the rest of the lot. Thanks to digitalization, this industry has in no time embraced the digital trend and has moved a mile ahead dispositioning the traditional paper based process towards a paperless one. As a result, the overall lifecycle of managing documents has become much more seamless, secure and highly efficient.

Treading on the same path and having been regarded as one of the firsts who drove documents the digital way is Vista Solutions Group, LP (VistaSG). Based out of Austin, Texas, VistaSG’s mission since its inception in 2000 was to improve the existing document management platform and to make the platform more configurable than what was available in the market at that time. En-route to the mission, the firm has successfully catered to many of the major industry houses providing them with incredibly user friendly, configurable and simple to administer document management solutions at an affordable price point. “Since our inception, we have provided full service solutions to our clients. This is our roots. However, we will launch a new self-install, self-configure and self-administer version that will be easy to use, logical, but still robust and affordable. And we will do this while maintaining our full-service roots if those clients need us…”, says Michael Hundley, CEO at VistaSG.

According to a recent study, more than 4 trillion paper based documents are produced in the U.S alone each year, which also leaves a cascading effect on the environment. Also many employees in conventional workplaces are spending about close to 6 hours a week managing paper documents, another study reveals. In an era where time is money, it is more than surprising that many organizations are still unable to make that shift towards digitalization. “There is reluctance to change from paper files to electronic files”, says Michael, pointing on the hesitancy of many organizations to go the digital way. According to Michael, the reason for this reluctance is because many document management solutions aren’t user-friendly and offer less affordability in terms of the cost. This is where VistaSG has been able to create the difference. “As an industry leader, we want to be on the forefront of “user-friendly” and we believe we are clearly the easiest to use and navigate without giving up the power and robustness of our software”, Michael points out.

Apart from being intuitive and a robustly built solution, the very fact that the price point comes as a better than its direct competitors is what differentiates other solutions from VistaSG. Michael tells us that on the other end where customers are going digital and implementing VistaSG’ document management solution, they are experiencing great results, which is in turn transforming their business. By driving even simple features like on-location signatures, routing, review and approval queue’s, automation of redacting or even auto-populating index fields with not so much as one keyboard stroke, VistaSG’ clients have been able to successfully enjoy the reduction of errors from manual inputs, all the while saving significant time just to work a case or file properly because it is done “click of a button.” “Our systems allow our clients to move at the speed of business rather than the speed of their people and infrastructure”, points Michael. There is a multi-fold impact for VistaSG’s clients since the adoption of the latter’s solution. Not only have the errors reduced as a result of digitalization, organizations have been able to gain more speed on working active files, and spend less on manual processes while drive faster decisions and at more accurate speeds.

dms3, VistaSG’ flagship product, well-regarded as one of the widely used Document management solution, enables organizations to secure all sensitive information, add digital signage by scanning the files you want to secure. Including dms3, the other solutions of Vista netDMS, DigiDrawer, are all strongly backed by AI and bot technology. What this means to our clients is “the software is more of a second set of eyes, and second set of helping hands so that the finished product, a fully worked and annotated document (for example) is presented for the decision on a next step”, says Michael. These solutions help organizations to maximize productivity, without spending much on their dedicated budget. Affordable at a very less price point, the easy to use, intuitive offering automates and combines all organizational processes and records, into a single interface. What’s more, dms3 also offers the high scalability and robustness for organizations who would personalize according to their requirements. Pointing on the aspects that separates VistaSG from the rest, Michael says, “We just listen, prioritize, present to them (customers), gain acceptance, then develop, that is how we innovate. The fact that that we have been able to deliver a great feature rich solution at a lower price point, is what makes us truly unique”.

At a time where time is money and vice versa, VistaSG has hit the right chord by developing a solution that will stand the test of time. “Our vision is digitize, automate, protect our clients most valuable asset: their data”. With Digital, the firm intends to help organizations go “digital” so all docs and files will be OCR’d. With Automate, VistaSG’s clients will have a system that is so easy to use, the next best thing is voice automated where they don’t even interact with a keyboard or screen. With Protect, the firm will back up the data, monitor it, and deliver predictive analytics so that client’s data is protected from the inside and out. Delivering self set up, self-configurable application with pre-installed bots and AI so that the customers can control their rules and purchase all of it a la carte’ is one of the primary missions the firm is working on.


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