Sensors positioned across billions of connected devices worldwide produce massive data. Consider the rise of smartwatches that allow people to monitor their health that go beyond the human scope in industrial maintenance.Let’s know the IoT in World post COVID-19.

Think of future in which automatic cars gather, process, and store driving data to make it easier and more comfortable for road travel.

Here are the most creative IoT applications to redefine the world post COVID-19

  • IoT and Pest Control: A handful of businesses use IoT to track their pest populations. Semios, uses sensors and machine vision technology to monitor the populations of pests in vineyards, orchards, and other agricultural environments.
  • Good Quality Agricultural Goods: In the vineyard, IoT driven sensors to upload data to the cloud  such as soil humidity, air humidity, sunlight and sunshine intensity, temperature, and rainfall. These allow the workers to help do the right job at the right time and minimize bad harvest decisions that could affect the quality of the product. Those sensors help to improve sustainability by reducing pesticide usage better.
  • Mitigating Illegal Fishing: IoT finds its application for monitoring fishing activities and a deeper understanding of aquatic safety.
  • Predictive Maintenance: This is widely applied to the management of buildings, oil , gas, etc where IoT finds its application in many consumers and industries. Most manufacturing companies use IoT driven sensors for their predictive maintenance operations.
  • Waste Management: When it comes to smart cities, IoT creates new dimensions. IoT is transforming urban life, from smart street lighting to better parking. IoT technologies have redefined our immediate climate. Sensor networks in apps can help to handle waste better by collecting waste where human hands cannot reach.

It is safe to say that Industry and IoT are at the forefront of new technical solutions across domains for business growth, production, and management. Massive changes in industries are contained since the Covid-19 scare, and the adoption of IoT allows businesses to implement flexible, smarter, and inventive ways of advancing technological development.


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