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Trawick International was established in 1998 and it solely focused on insurance for international students coming to the United States.For many years the organization provided student Insurance to Universities, Independent Students, Scholars as well as International Student and Study Abroad insurance plans to students traveling outside of their home country. After more than a decade of providing these insurance products,Trawick International moved into the travel sector and began offering Travel Insurance plans to clients from around the world.When healthcare reforms threatened Trawick International with extinction,Daryl Trawick,the President, CEO of Trawick International decided to reorganize the company under the broad umbrella of travel and global risks.Over the past 23years,Trawick International has evolved simultaneously as the travel industry evolved and continued to offer new innovative insurance products.

In the year 2020, the organization has launched  Safe Treker adventure insurance, a product that is  mainly focused on adventure travelers and their unique needs.The organization has proudly launched Tailgate insurance also in the year 2020, which is the industry’s first insurance product to cover prepaid expenses associated with the customer’s sporting or concert event.Today, almost one-third of travelers buy some form of travel insurance and the numbers are growing strongly in our new Covid-19 world.

Trawick International has been recognized as one of the 50 innovative companies of the year 2021. The journey has been an incredible and prodigious ride. The organization is indeed the story of the 20+ years overnight success.” I am always looking forward, so I don’t usually stop to think about the mark we are making. We get up every day and work hard to create the best products and services to meet the traveling public’s needs and demands. I firmly believe that our best days are in front of us,” said Daryl Trawick, the President,CEO of Trawick International.The company’s team always goes to great lengths to be a customer-centric organization that is always looking to implement new products,new processes and new ideas.

Trawick International has faced a lot of challenges from the customers in this new pandemic world and has devised innovative solutions to overcome the hurdles.  COVID-19 has proved to be very challenging and has altered everything related to travel and travel insurance.Fortunately, none of the other organization’s insurance plans exclude treatment for COVID-19 or any other  pandemic while many other travel insurance providers did.During the previous year,the country of Costa Rica  implemented new travel regulations that were not being  covered by any existing travel insurance products in the market for US and international travelers who wanted to visit Costa Rica.Trawick International’s team took immediate action and worked with the company’s insurance carriers to modify the existing travel insurance plans to comply with these new regulations and get travelers the coverage they needed. 

“Trawick International mostly focuses and offers  a wide variety of travel  insurance products fo cused on various needs  of customers”

COVID-19 has significantly affected the customer’s expec tations in travel insurance plans and related services.Travel destinations have changed along with traveler expectations.For example,Europe has always been a very popular US tourist destination,but with COVID-19 travel restrictions,many US travelers have changed vacation locations.The organization has seen a tremendous  shift in bookings to US domestic locations and the Carib bean as it was one of the first international regions to open up for US travelers. The major thing that has distin guished Trawick International is that the company’s travel  insurance plans do not exclude losses due to COVID-19.  

The advancement of technology has turned out to have a positive impact on the travel insurance industry.Years  ago,people would travel with all of their essential documents to ensure seamless travel.Today,Trawick International has an advanced travel application that allows  travelers to access their vital travel insurance documents,find providers,get ID cards,request service on  demand,etc, which has greatly helped them during a  travel emergency.  

Trawick International mostly focuses and offers a wide variety of travel insurance products focused on various needs of customers.We currently provide travel medical insurance,trip cancellation,trip interruption,group plans and annual plans.The company also offers student travel plans, vacation rental coverage,adventure travel insurance and tailgate insurance. Trawick International is very proud of its very hard-to-find Cancel  for Any Reason (CFAR) benefit for our trip cancellation products.The company’s CFAR benefit allows a traveller to cancel their trip up to two days before their departure and they can be reimbursed up to 75% of their prepaid expenses.This product has become a very sought-after benefit considering the world we operate in now.Trawick International is one of the few travel insurance providers that offer this add-on benefit to our trip  cancellation product. 

The organization has a huge opportunity in the travel insurance market and will not settle for the status quo.The organization is mainly focused on meeting  customers’ needs and everything we create and  develop is based on our customers’ feedback.The  company and its team go to great lengths to be a  customer-centric organization that is always looking to  implement new products, new processes, and newideas.Travel Assistance is provided 24 hours a day,7Days a week by the company. The organization  renders immediate online policy and personalized  ID cards.The customers can use the convenient  chat feature on the company’s website to speak to a live agent regarding any questions or information  required to decide on the plans and products.Trawick International’s personal and professional  service is one of the major aspects which sets the  organization apart from other providers. 

The road map of Trawick International in terms of technology and geography is crystal clear from the history  of work and its future work plan. Currently, Trawick International has professional staff operating in eight  states and two countries,serving hundreds of thou sands of customers worldwide.The organization is working with industrial and non-industrial partners to add,blend and blur the traditional lines between travel  insurance partners to create a more responsive,flaw less and timely response for our customers. 

Trawick International works on a mission to provide  high-quality,affordable travel insurance products  that meet the needs of clients traveling outside of  their home country and to provide the best possible  customer service to every person.The organization  has pledged to deliver a superior travel insurance product that offers the best medical, evacuation and repatriation available.Trawick International will build its business through the implementation of technology and aims to be more efficient and effective. The organization and its partners work so hard  for customer satisfaction and are committed to working for the promises and mission that are set forth  before them. 


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