Transforming the Digital Age with Technologies in Post-COVID Era

In the post-COVID period, experts predict that Artificial Intelligence and 5G communication will reshape the world. COVID-19 has made organizations swap the technology with its conventional system. Over the years, AI, 5G communication, and robotics have developed, but the use of these technologies has been intensified with COVID-19. 

These technologies are viewed as the primary alternative as the pandemic has impacted organizations to function remotely. The healthcare industry is working more diligently, and the government is searching for steps that can mitigate the economic effect of COVID-19.

Artificial Intelligence

Many organizations have deployed digital transformation over the years. But this transition was limited to major tech companies such as Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft, among others. With the outbreak of coronavirus, organizations have recognized the value of combining AI with cloud computing in their organizational setup, raising cloud security, and storing data. 

The involvement of AI and big data in healthcare is significant in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. The use of AI has been robust, especially for identifying COVID patients and securing a COVID hotspot. 

Data science and artificial intelligence in manufacturing have meant that many organizations will upgrade their businesses. Businesses, organizations, and retailers enhance customer service with the help of conversational AI and chatbots, without any human assistance. Machine learning now handles the mundane tasks that were previously performed by humans in the pre-COVID world. It allows companies to concentrate on tasks that require human expertise and attention. With cloud computing services, it has been evident that cloud services are globally accepted as an alternative to restore data. 

Many organizations have already proposed working remotely as a choice for the future, with the world facing an unimaginable situation. That is why the possibility of artificial intelligence gaining popularity shortly is obvious. AI and big data were generally embraced across the sector during COVID-19. Experts have already elevated a green flag for the wide acceptance of this technology soon.

5G Communication

To work effectively, every organization needs a good network. With the global pandemic outbreak, the need for a communication network was felt and witnessed internationally. This would not impede the functioning of organizations even during remote work. 

A network failure can generate a massive amount of money for any organization. It can disrupt activities, thwart the global supply chain, and if critical operations are going on, it can prove disastrous. A fast network ensures efficient operations in an industry where connectivity is the key to managing companies. This ensures that there is no hindrance in the delivery of services. 

Experts have found 5G to be an emerging technology that will revolutionize the world. It is a known fact that even before its advent or use, this technology has created a lot of buzzes. As the world’s landscape changes post-COVID, so will technological acceptance. It will be fascinating to see how artificial intelligence will benefit countries and organizations. 


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