Top 50 Most Innovative Companies to Watch 2021

The outbreak of Covid-19 has exposed companies all over the globe to a challenging, alien business landscape. The ones that have made it even through the most adverse conditions are the storm-stoppers in this pandemic-hit scenario. Necessity being the mother of invention in most cases, business organizations and industry models resorted to creating new technologies to remain operational during the entire catastrophic phase of shutdown.


In any circumstances, it takes a lot for a company to etch a mark on the map of the most significant industries in the world. This being said, with the increasing challenges emerging out of the COVID 19 crisis, there are companies that have shown exemplary initiatives in revamping their business format to a more compatible and complaint version in terms of the present day requirements. Not only was such revamping or reconfiguring  essential for business houses to harness employee coordination, work structures and supply chain firmly together, but also it was of equal importance to garner and retain the trust and reliance of consumers. Besides maintaining customer relations, trust and reliance also plays a big role in procuring capital funding from investors.


In this latest edition, The CEO Views brings to you the list of “Top xx Most Influential Companies to Count on in 2021”. We have picked the companies who have been laser-focused to be on the innovative side to overcome the obstacles brought forth by the pandemic. The list of top xx influential companies in 2021 aims to aid business organizations and aspiring individuals to achieve their professional goals, rising above the socially distanced working structures.

Christophe Billiottet,CEO

ADGS is a first of its kind deep technology startup in Qatar headed by a spectrum of brilliant thinktanks belonging to various fields of knowledge especially science. The firm specializes in delivering innovative outcomes for evolving challenges with the use of fundamental concepts related to science and mathematics.

Brett Mellon, CEO

Adlib’s leverages content intelligence and automation solutions to help organizations discover, standardize, classify, extract, and leverage clean structured data from complex unstructured documents.

Jenifer Namestka, CEO

Avo delivers over 20-years of experience in developing strategies, managing program execution, and organizational transformation for organizations.

Nicole Mixdorf, Chief Wellness Officer

Balance by Nature is an health & wellness consulting firm that develops wellness programs to help employees be more productive and have greater job satisfaction, a win-win situation for any company.

Kris Liesmons, CEO

A provider of logistics solutions in the healthcare sector.

Matt Dircks, CEO

Johns Creek, Georgia – An industry leader in Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions.

José Oliveira, CEO

BI4ALL helps organizations in the process of Digital Transformation and Data Strategy.

Joseph Marciano, President & CEO

Canon specializes in delivering a holistic approach to enterprise challenges by leveraging innovative technologies including workflow automation, Six Sigma methodologies and data analytics to enable customers achieve operational excellence, business agility with ease.

Chamberlain Group

JoAnna Sohovich, CEO

Chamberlain Group is a global leader in providing innovative, cloud-based access control solutions to consumers and partners of all scales and sizes thus enabling them to achieve excellence in battling the evolving and defiant challenges of safety, security and privacy seamlessly through its groundbreaking and timely innovative solutions.

Neil de Crescenzo, President & CEO

A provider of healthcare technology solutions and services.

Stephen Mongelli, President & CEO

An innovator specializing in industry leading healthcare communication solutions.

Stefan Ott, CEO and founder

Confinity Solutions’ robust market data platform provides ultra-low latency connectivity to exchanges, consolidated data feeds, and electronic markets.

Louis Têtu, Chairman & CEO

Coveo’s cloud-based platform makes digital experiences more intelligent, and provides specific software built on that platform

Tevin Hyung-Chol Choi, MD

CyberLogitec empowers the global supply chain with innovative technologies that addresses operational challenges, improve visibility, and meet industry demands. As a global leader in the maritime, port and logistics industry, the firm’s flexible, end-to-end solutions and consulting services help the industry adapt quickly to evolving needs of the market.

Jason Lee, CEO

A provider payroll services through its best-in class technology platform.

Kevin Steele, CEO

A healthcare technology firm enabling payers, providers and care partners with real-time data aggregation.

LeRoy Jones, President

Diligent connects clinical research sponsors, CROs, technology and service providers under one roof.

Allison Murrell, President

Earth View, LLC (EV) is a premier utility locating and trenchless construction company that leverages trenchless technology and other advanced services that caters to the most complex of challenges in the construction and civil industry.

Bryan Champagn, CEO

Eclypses offers advanced data security solution for all IoT devices and mobile application technologies.

David Meredith, CEO

Everbridge develops applications which provide information about critical events to help with personal safety and business continuity.

Jihad Tayara, CEO

Evoteq develops technological solutions and sustainable platforms in various industries such as healthcare, logistics, education, transportation and public services.

Ed Beltran, CEO

Fierce is a global leadership development and training company offering mentoring, physical development, and corporate development changes to businesses.

Kyung-Hyun Systech

Ilisa Wesoff, Director

A provider of workflow, engagement and compliance solutions for health systems to coordinate and optimize value-based care.


Honeygain specializes in offering community based crowdsourced web intelligence network that enables its partners to provide access to their users to run their own legitimate residential proxy network while also make money for all the data they share.

Joshua K. Christopherson, CEO

iCUE Technology is a provider of AI driven technology solutions connecting the provider and the learner who are remote distance, thereby helping the two seamlessly and effectively interact with each other.

Michael A Collura, President

In Home Personal Services is a provider of high-quality home care services for seniors, veterans, and those with disabilities.

Stephen Carter, Group Chief Executive

A provider of knowledge expertise and relevant connections to businesses and professionals in several industries.

Knichel Logistics

Kristy Knichel, President

A provider of transportation and logistics services, including intermodal, trucking, specialty equipment, and various ancillary services.

Karen Cripe, President

Label Logic, Inc. is a national provider of labels, tags and RFID solutions.


Sinan Gunal, Managing Partner

Labrys combines marketing & business by streamlining strategy and execution in Audience Marketing, Marketing Automation and Customer Care to deliver better customer experiences across multiple industries.

Andrew Lefkowitz, Co-Founder & CEO

Locus Fermentation Solutions uses non-GMO, environmentally- friendly microorganisms, and their by-products, many of which are food-grade, to develop alternatives to chemicals that are: effective, safe and economical.

Matrix Analytics Corporation

Anil Bandari, Founder & CEO

A provider of custom analytics solutions to financial services, retail and healthcare verticals.

Ken Young, President & CEO

A provider of software and services for leading health plans and care delivery organizations.

Steven Plymale, CEO

A provider of innovative medical technology solutions or individuals with paralysis due to stroke or spinal cord injury.

Martin Januš, CEO

A provider of affordable and eco-friendly printing management solutions.

Neville Calvert, Founder & CEO

Numedico Technologies specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of user-friendly and safe medical devices and home health care solutions that are truly functional, practical, affordable.

Glen Day, CEO & Founder

NVISNx is the leading smart data platform that classifies enterprise data and creates complete data inventories to protect every businesses’ most valuable data.

Alice Chang, CEO & Founder

Perfect Corp. is the world’s leading beauty tech solutions provider transforming the industry by marrying the highest level of augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology for a re-imagined consumer shopping experience.

Gee Singgih, CEO

A provider of integrated/embedded touchscreen solutions for healthcare, hospitality, retail, and industrial markets.

Jon Saunders, CEO

An industry leader specializing in LTL transport, logistics and warehousing & distribution solutions and services.

Jody Richards, President

Process Technology is an industry leader in the designing and manufacturing of world-class thermal and power supply products.

Santoku Corporation

Mr. Susumu Matsuda, Division Director of IT Division

Santoku Corporation founded in the year 1937 is an innovator and developer of advanced technology products spreading across various industry verticals with a firm focus on enhancing human safety and senses.

William W. Smith Jr., President & CEO

A provider of highly scalable mobile applications and value-added solutions for mobile and cable operators around the globe.

Anton Danilovich, Co-Founder

A provider of industry leading analytics, ML and AI technology in the real estate market.

Daryl Trawick, CEO & President

A provider of worldwide travel insurances solutions and services.

John Varghese, CEO

Virtual Claims Adjuster is a provider of the most intuitive and secure cloud-based claims technology solutions.

Patricia Leuchten, Founder

An innovator in life sciences consulting dedicated to improving quality and compliance in the clinical trial execution process.

Umberto Luchini,


Founded in 2017, Wolf Spirit Distillery is an industry leader in developing branded independent premium spirits guided by industry veterans with great passion to innovate and disrupt for the next big change.

Wuudis Solutions

Seppo Huurinainen, CEO

Wuudis is a pioneer in management solutions for forestry and bioenergy supply chain and logistics.

Paul Richardson, President and CEO

Zeiders is a veteran-owned government contractor, delivering solutions to Defense, Federal and commercial customers with a focus on Military and Veteran communities.