Top 50 Innovators of the year 2021

Being innovative requires a deep understanding of the world we live in. Since innovation is a complex, company-wide endeavour, it requires a set of crosscutting practices and processes. Innovators don’t accept things the way they are. Instead, they look for ways to improve things and make changes for the better. They don’t think about what others think, instead they focus on doing what they see as right and necessary to accomplish their goal. It all comes down to mindset. Those with an innovative mindset are more likely to be successful in business. Their mindset might seem difficult to attain when you’re coming from the traditional employee mindset.


Innovators are weird to achieving greatness. But that does not mean everyone can’t adapt their way of thinking. They are extremely passionate about what they do. They have to be because they give their whole selves to it. They build their business from the ground up, often at a great personal sacrifice. Whether it is inventing a new device or founding a groundbreaking company, innovators throw themselves, minds and bodies into their work. That passion needs to be there because it takes a lot of work to get a business up and running. Without passion, the work will feel tedious and you won’t find any joy in it.


While they spend a lot of time wisely, planning out their day and making sure no time is wasted. They know there are no shortcuts and that putting in the work is the only way to achieve success. Being disciplined comes naturally to innovators. But for most of the people. Discipline takes e”ort. On the other hand, they take calculated risks with a belief that they can navigate the complicated waters that inevitably arise with entrepreneurship. They focus more on what is to be gained rather than what might be lost.


These innovators are very much essential to today’s world. WE can’t imagine a world without any innovators. The technology that we are enjoying now is all because of the e”orts which they put long back. To commemorate such individuals and organizations, in this edition of CEOViews, we are bringing you the ‘Top 50 innovators of the year 2021’.

Maher Mikati, CEO

Areeba is a financial technology company driven forward by the innovative approach of changing the way payments are made.

Stavros Siokos, Managing Partner

Provides institutional investors with access to specialist real assets strategies.

Pamela Maynard, CEO

Avanade is the leading provider of innovative digital and cloud services, business solutions and design-led experiences in the Microsoft ecosystem.

Brent Kruel, CEO

BioFunctional Health Solutions is an organization that promotes the overall wellbeing of its employees.

Yuryi Ferber, CEO

BRITech performs contract manufacturing of electro-mechanical components.

Anthony Giagnacovo, CEO

CallRevu tracks, monitors, and summarizes all calls to our dealership, delivering real-time actionable phone process performance.

Christopher Chen, CEO

ChenMed serves the underserved moderate-to-low-income seniors with complex chronic diseases.

Terry Boyland, Founder & CEO

CPQi provide managed services, including building, implementing, & supporting financial markets systems for leading American economies.

Katie Lau, CEO

Dr. Katie Clinic is an aesthetic medicine centre that uses time- tested, pragmatic approach to aesthetic medicine.

Julio Gonzalez, Founder & CEO

Engineered Tax Services, Inc. (ETS) is a licensed engineering firm that focuses on federal, state and local tax benefits.

Nikhil Mendhi, COO

Exponential AI is a leading healthcare AI platform company that solves healthcare’s need to scale smarter processes.

Brian Fabiano, CEO

FabCom is the next-generation integrated advertising and marketing company providing dynamic and experiential solutions to bridge the digital transformation gap.

Jared Whitaker, CEO

Fluid Business Solutions UK offers the all-in-one project & program management solution, Fluid.

Geert van Gansewinkel, CEO

GATT Technologies develops a platform of hemostatic and sealant solutions.

Denise Sangster, President & CEO

They are a partner-focused strategy and go-to-market transformation consulting firm for the hybrid and digital computing world.

Luca Massimiliano Meinardi, CEO

GRIVEN S.r.l. Is a dynamic and successful manufacturer in the architectural lighting market.

Sarah Hawley, CEO

World’s first platform to help conscious companies engage remote professionals all around the world into long term remote roles.

Brittany Latson, Managing Partner

HashtagHealth is an agency that empowers people to make educated decisions on health.

Carlo Bewersdorf,


iptiQ provides their clients with a revolutionary digital insurance engine and world-class underwriting capabilities.

Alain Lavoie, Chairman

Irosoft is a service and technology company specializing in the valorization of structured and unstructured data.

Dellei Laszlo Gyorgy, CEO

Kerubiel is a privately owned company specialising in the provision of ICT and information security and privacy services.

Nitin Kumar, CEO

Ligl is a fast-growing, B2B SaaS platform with a mission to bring the legal industry into the 21st century

Mario Schraepen, Founder

LinkedCar is an innovative start-up creating a world-class Customer First Mobility platform for the automotive industry.

Marischa Van Zantvoort, CEO

MAgnifor helps companies generate breakthrough business performance by sustainably embedding a Risk Leadership Mindset.

Neil Mistry, Founder & CEO

They are a Secure Digital Transformation providing Business Transformation Through IT Modernization.

James Tabacchi, CEO

Matrix Application is a fintech leader in the fixed income capital markets, offering front to back support for firms both big and small.

Bruce Dahlgren, CEO

MetricStream, is an independent market leader in enterprise and cloud applications for Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC) and Quality Management.

Xavier Gobert, CEO

MyData-TRUST supports Life Sciences Industry in leveraging compliance related to Data Protection.

Robert Christian, President & Founder

OnPoint helps global brands to deliver excellent customer product-service experiences.

Steven Edwards, CEO

Premier virtual company is a virtual recruitment platform that has greater functionality and utility for both job seekers and employers.

Kevin Akeroyd, CEO

PRO Unlimited offers the industry’s premier Integrated Workforce Management Platform, risks and quality issues associated with managing a non-employee workforce.

Dr Nadine Hachach-Haram, CEO

Proximie is a technology platform that allows clinicians to virtually ‘scrub in’ to any operating room or cath lab from anywhere in the world.

Xuye Edward Wu, CEO

Quality Online Education Group is a Canadian-based company that provides comprehensive online English lessons to K12 students and IELTS test preparation.

Amr Salem, CEO

Quantela, Inc is a technology company that offers business models to customers with the right digital infrastructure to deliver greater economic and environmental outcomes for their constituents.

Dr Paul Pankhurst, Founder & MD

Quantex provide a catalogue of single-use pumps and also provide a design and development service for custom applications.

Sondre Rasch, CEO

SafetyWing is a healthcare company with an aim to build a global social security net.

Susumu Matsuda, Division Director of IT division

Santoku Corporation is a global company stimulating innovation in all the business processes, with a never-ending strong will for seeking the new frontier.

Stewart Hamel, CEO

SkyRunner, LLC is a privately held aircraft manufacturing company headquartered that designs & produces the MK 3.2, a special light-sport aircraft.

Juliet Shavit, CEO

SmartMark provides personalized strategic communications for companies of all sizes.

Robert Hessel, CEO

Source 1 Solutions is the trusted IT partner, specializing in monitoring, managing and maintaining enterprise infrastructure.

Kevin A. Lobo, CEO

Stryker is one of the world’s leading medical technology companies.

Catherine Quirke, CEO

Taxback International is an entrepreneurial company, transforming how VAT compliance and recovery are managed on a global basis.

Tristan Yohan Jagroop, CEO

The Jagroop Law Office is a law firm known for its aggressive, Personal Injury & Family Law services.

Clemens Pfeiffer, CEO

Tier44 Technologies is a Premier Service Technology Partner and leading developer of Data Center Management software.

Dean Trevelino, Owner

Trevelino/Keller is a marketing agency with a mission to build, launch and scale companies using an integrated suite of public relations, marketing and creative services.

Greg McKee, Chairman & CEO

Tryp Therapeutics is a pharmaceutical company focused on developing psilocybin-based compounds for the treatment of diseases.

Alan Neilson, Founder & Executive Chairman

VerseOne Group is the leading provider of digital transformation solutions to Social Housing, Healthcare, local government and the wider commercial market.

Hugo Braam, CEO & Co-Founder

Virtuagym provides all-in-one fitness solutions for gyms, studios and personal trainers, which helps them to be more time efficient and cost-efficient.

Dew-Anne Langcaon, CEO

Vivia was born out of a passion to bridge the widening chasm between the kind of in-home care services that seniors and families wanted.

Jeff Bodzewski, CEO & Co-Founder

Wool & Water is a technology company helping retailers with new-age digital services.