Top 50 Admired Companies To Watch 2021

The continual technological shifts have put immense pressure on organizations to upgrade, fail fast and march forward to usher in the competitive era. Organizations are mindful of the fact that they need to embrace the needed shift and transform themselves. Though most of them can manage to go through the technological shift, they often fail to address the all-important organizational aspects. The very intent to establish a conducive and open work culture, emphasis to drive core values, and being open to continually innovate is actually what separates a few of them from the rest. Despite the raging competition, organizations need to take their breath, hold on and take a look around themselves to not be involved in a mad rush or a rat race. The approach and intent to take conscious measures to instill values, drive organizational culture and innovate which will automatically result in fruitful and incredible results will always work towards a win-win situation for the organization, its stake holder as well as its most valuable asset, their employees.   


Thus, the current edition of The CEO Views  brings to you “Top 50 Admired Companies to watch 2021”. The list highlights some of the top Innovative and well regarded companies who have not only embraced but have also taken conscious measures drive the aforementioned and are also in tune with the changing shift. The proposed list aspires to assist individuals and organizations to find the best companies that will help them accomplish their projects

Bryan Cowan, Founder and Chief Executive

Acuity Surgical provides support and technological innovations to support and help spine surgeons.

Daniel P. Amos, Chairman & CEO

A provider of supplemental insurance to help pay out-of pocket expenses.

Joseph Chan, Founder and CEO

A provider of digital payment processing service and solution for businesses, charities, and financial / banking industries.

Takashi Tokonami, Chairman & CEO

A leading provider of radio access network (RAN) testing for 3G, 4G LTE/LTE-A, and 5G networks.

Takashi Tokonami, Chairman & CEO

A leading provider of radio access network (RAN) testing for 3G, 4G LTE/LTE-A, and 5G networks.

Frank Barker, CEO

A provider of enterprise backup software for physical, virtual, container, and cloud environments.

Gavin Michael, CEO

A provider of financial services specializing in providing concurrency, reward points and loyalty points.

Céline Tran, MD

The firm delivers end-to-end project solutions, ongoing operations management and is an Independent Power Producer in the energy space.

Scott Hutton, CEO

A provider of data-driven diagnostic solutions helping answer critical clinical questions of physicians, researchers, and biopharmaceutical companies, with a primary focus in lung disease.

Mark S. Miller, Co-founder, Chairman and CEO

A clinical-stage biomedical company specializing in the development and commercialization of anti-scarring drugs, autoimmune therapeutics and novel strategies for transplantation.

Rob Rosenberger, EO & Co-Founder

Blackdragon helps federal contract bidders win formidable government contracts more effectively and efficiently win an approach that generates competitive advantage.

Reginald Seeto, President & CEO

A provider of diagnostic surveillance solutions for heart transplant procedures.

Keith Gregg, Chairman & CEO

A provider of financial services and solutions leveraging the latest technology.

Raymond P. Dolan, Chairman & CEO

An innovator of software which improves spectrum and user experience with channel detection, estimation, prediction and precoding deployed within a standard-compliant 4G, 5G or open Cloud RAN.


Pascal Soltermann, CEO & CSO

A provider of products and solutions for human-centered,socio-technical and cyber-physical systems.

Ricardo R. Montero, CEO

For more than three decades Datapro is dedicated to streamlining business processes for the banking and financial institutions.

Bruce Kuennen, President & CEO

A provider of advanced information management tools and elevated support corporate legal departments and law firms make informed decisions and drive successful outcomes.

Anton Kreuzer, CEO

A leading provider of IT and data security solutions.

Randy Knutson, Founder & CEO

DynaQuest specializes in the design, engineering and deployment of blockchain and decentralized economies in helping businesses navigate the transformation, finding value, discover new opportunities and define innovation amidst the disruption.

Brian J. Esposito, Founder & CEO

Esposito serves beauty, fashion, technology, music, entertainment, charities, government, transportation, liquor, and many other industry verticals and helps them create new business opportunities.

Ying Lingpeng, Co-Founder & CEO

Fibocom manufactures and distributes wireless communication equipment to meet the connectivity requirements of different IoT scenarios.

Pham Minh Tuan, CEO

A part of FPT Corporation, FPT Software delivers worldclass solutions services in smart factory technologies, digital platforms,robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, mobility, cloud, managed services.

Stephane Germain, President

The firm designs, develops and utilizes emission sensing and data technology for various industries.

Hans Bishop, CEO

A pioneer in innovating new technologies to help accelerate cancer diagnoses, blood-based detection for minimal residual disease, and other post-diagnostic applications.

Viren Kapadia, President & CEO

Gyrus Systems specializes in providing cloud-based Learning Management System.

Francis deSouza, CEO

Illumina develops, manufactures, and markets integrated systems for the analysis of genetic variation and biological function.

Sean Emerson George, CEO & Co-Founder

A provider of medical genetic testing solutions improving the quality of healthcare globally.

Dr. Narisa Chauvidul-Aw, CEO & Founder

A provider of global e-wallet payment solutions for both fiat and digital currencies based in UK, Europe and Asia.

Legal Shield

Jeff Bell, CEO

LegalShield designs, underwrites and markets legal expense plans to consumers.

Godwin Makyao, Founder & Chairman

Maktech specializes in UI/UX, Website and Mobile Application development.

Hiten Shah, President & CEO

A full-service provider of global manufacturing and supply chain management services.

Maarten De Groot, CEO

A provider of innovative extraction DNA / RNA technology, system, products and kits for human and animal diagnostics, agriculture and biotech.

Steve Chapman, CEO

Natera specializes in non-invasive, cell-free DNA testing technology, with a focus on women’s health, cancer, and organ health


Michael Hayford, CEO

A provider of software, hardware and services for banks, retailers, restaurants, small business and telecom industry.

Tony Picciano, Founder & CEO

A leader in the manufacture of professional microcurrent machines used for anti-aging and have been tested by an FDA recognized third party facility.

Beth Wozniak, CEO

A provider of electric heat-tracing solutions, complete heat management systems and electrical and fastening solutions.

Dr. Tiffany Montgomery, CEO & CSO

P23 Labs specializes in molecular genetic testing and DNA analysis by combining innovation, quality, and creativity with science and information technology.

Susanne Skov Diemer, Founder & CEO

Praesidio Group offers global security and intelligence solutions and services to individuals, corporations, institutions, governments, and authorities.

Olivier Le Peuch, CEO

A provider of digital solutions and deploying innovative technologies to enable performance and sustainability for the global energy industry.

Shira Shamban, CEO

Solvo cloud enables developers and DevOps users to avail a cloud solution with a least-privileged security configuration all the way from development to production.

Bill Conner, President & CEO

A provider of enhanced firewall network security technology.

Bill Johnson, Chairman & CEO

Liberty specializes in providing insurance brokerage and offers services in commercial auto and property, general liability, workers’ compensation, earthquake, flood, life and health insurance.

Steve Ryan, Founder & CEO

A provider of security and threat protection solutions.

Larry Wexler, President & CEO

A leading, manufacturer, marketer and distributor of branded consumer products.

Giancarlo Di Vece, President & CEO

A provider of custom software development solutions with agile software delivery professionals for clients in the Healthcare, Financial Services, and High-Tech space.

Marc Stapley, CEO

Veracyte develops molecular diagnostic tests to improve patient outcomes and lower healthcare costs.

John Cuomo, CEO and President

diversified products and services offering repair, distribution, logistics, supply chain management support and consulting services for land, sea and air transportation assets in the public and private sectors.

Wool & Water

Jeff Bodzewski, Partner & CEO

Wool and Water pioneers in creating shoppable Extended Retail™ experiences in retail, fashion, automotive and other industries and helps brands create new sales channels and generate revenue.

Derek Bell, CEO

The firm leverages cloud-based technology to provide and support businesses’ desktop, data, voice communications, communications connectivity, billing and provisioning requirements.

James A. Mish, CEO

The firm develops disruptive plant-based solutions for life science, consumer product, and pharmaceutical industries.