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Ecommerce refers to any type of company transaction carried out online. Online shopping, which is described as the purchasing and selling products through the internet on any device, is the most common example of e-commerce. However, other kinds of operations, such as online auctions, payment gateways, online ticketing, and internet banking, may also include e-commerce.

Smart e-commerce distributors have realized that affordable prices or enticing goods are not enough to make your online business grow. Today, to keep pace with your rivals and the ever-changing consumer needs, one must keep an eye on being both creative and profitable and know the new e-commerce and market trends, tactics, and technologies. Many e-commerce magazines and blogs are available in online and offline mode to enhance the knowledge of e-commerce retailers.

The CEO Views aims to provide the perfect platform for entrepreneurs to connect with their industry peers. The magazine focuses on the latest updates and news of e-commerce, banking & insurance, education, financial sectors, healthcare, and much more.

We spoke to Adam Collins from Ignite SEO in East Midlands, he has a lot of knowledge on the topic at hand and he said, “E-commerce is important to businesses that sell their goods and services online and it is an essential part of the economy. It has the ability to make businesses reach a wider audience than traditional retail because many people are now always making their purchase online. According to research, about 95% of people in the UK with access to the internet have purchased online. This is because Ecommerce gives buyers a way to shop for the goods and services they need without having to visit the actual location of the shop.”

Listed below are a few e-commerce magazines and blogs

1. Practical eCommerce

Practical eCommerce features eCommerce marketing and business strategies that include conversion, SEO, social media, platforms, marketing, and much more to help you thrive online. Its mission is to provide e-commerce companies with down-to-earth comments and articles.

2. E-Commerce Times

One of the most popular e-business and technology publishers is the E-Commerce Times. It features journalists producing daily news and analysis of the industry.

3. Ecommerce Magazine

The Ecommerce Magazine covers e-commerce industry interviews, guides, broad data sets, and best practices.

4. eMarketer

Starting in 1996, eMarketer currently tracks more than 3,000 retail technology outlets and maintains over 200,000 subscriptions, including those of two-thirds of fortune 500 companies. The website contains free articles on marketing innovations and advertising purchasing and more in-depth studies on issues such as B2B and artificial intelligence for paid subscribers. One of eMarketer’s best features is its pro research coverage, which enables users to search for insight into e-commerce through subtopics.

5. Retail Dive

Retail Dive is valuable for its combination of information on e-commerce and editorial supervision. On related topics such as mobile, logistics, and loss prevention, one can find feature-length posts. The website features business activities and career openings in addition to in-depth research.

6. Practical Ecommerce

Established over a decade ago, one of the oldest sites covering retail technology news is Practical Ecommerce. Their staff writers specialize in fields such as conversion, management, design, and development. In terms of search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, and email marketing, Practical Ecommerce is also updated with content.

7. Forbes Retail

Granted, as our in-house experts point out, because of the number of interruptive commercials, the browsing experience is not perfect. Still, the content is typically strong, delivering unique perspectives from business experts and opinion leaders worldwide. It is one of the best e-commerce magazines available in the online and offline modes.

8. Retail Wire

Retail Wire is an online discussion site monitored by a community of experts in e-commerce and general readership, and surfing is super addictive. Retail Wire offers a useful segment for discussion with direct interaction with seasoned experts and access to tools such as whitepapers and webinars.

9. Digiday

Digiday covers everything in a clean format that is a breeze to browse, from content marketing to advertisements.

10. Digital Commerce 360

Digital Commerce 360 is a powerful source of research and digital marketing content, including the Internet Retailer and B2B e-commerce Environment, among other databases. The website provides a free source of consistent updates on the latest developments every business day and a more in-depth paid subscription model with links to guides covering everything from the best e-commerce magazines and sites to develop web design.

11. Internet Retailing

With breaking retail technology news from across Europe, the UK-based Internet Retailing website offers an invaluable insight into overseas markets. Although the website is relatively cluttered, IR excels in providing the studies and insights you need if you are thinking about extending your online retail activities abroad.

12. Website Magazine

A wide variety of subjects are covered by Website Magazine, including SEO, CMS, mobile app design, and general social networks. Compared to some other publications, they are not as deep on the individual platforms. They provide an excellent general overview, particularly for retailers focusing on the creation of apps and e-commerce sites.

13. E-Commerce Nation

ECN, which was initially launched for the French market, has since developed internationally. The website primarily consists of blog posts divided into parts that cover conversion, e-fulfillment, marketing, channels, and m-commerce.

14. Marketing Land

On top of breaking news, editorial columns on search engine marketing, analytics, and display ads are present on the combined websites.

15. Smart Insights

Smart Insights acts as a form of advice blog for business owners involved in e-commerce. The posts range from tactics to optimize engagement with emails to the best SEO benchmarking methods. This website is packed with content by technical experts and has a moderate robust online community. Besides, Smart Insights provides a more streamlined approach with scheduling templates, eBooks, and online training courses for those moving into online retailing.


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