Women in Business Magazines

Women are a strong force in the industry, and it can be seen in the numerous business publications devoted to the coverage of businesswomen and women entrepreneurs. These business magazines share stories of strong businesswomen and detailed tips, tricks, and articles primarily intended for a female entrepreneurial audience.

For a long time, women in the workplace were subordinate to men. Although some glass ceilings remain, even those will eventually crumble for good over time. Every day, more and more women ascend the corporate ladder and eventually become the dominant force in this country behind the industry. That’s why having so many business magazines devoted to businesswomen is so awesome.

The CEO Views is a technology and business magazine available in online and offline modes. The CEO Views aims to offer entrepreneurs the ideal platform to connect with their industry peers. The magazine’s future editions will focus on technological advancements in Cloud, AI, IoT, Big Data, Mobility, and more.

Listed below are few women in the business magazine:

  1. Global Woman Magazine

Global Woman Magazine is the largest global business networking and magazine publishing business enterprise forum in the UK that empowers women in business through various activities, including business events for women, branding, and much more.

  1. Professional Woman’s Magazine | The Working Woman’s Magazine

Professional Woman’s Magazine is committed to encouraging the empowerment of multicultural, diverse people to ensure equal opportunities in all areas of business and jobs. PWM includes news data ranging from professional issues to civil affairs, developments, occupations and industry, life-style issues, arts, education, finance, health, technology, family, travel, all of which affect a professional woman.

  1. HER Magazine | Women’s Business Magazine

HER Magazine is a women’s online publication showcasing female entrepreneurs and business content for women. Whether she’s an entrepreneur, freelancer, or growing up the corporate ladder, the working woman is its vital audience. Its editions are geared to highlight the women in business magazines.

  1. Women’s Post | Canada’s Daily Magazine For Businesswomen

Women’s Post is a journal for professional women in Canada. The magazine brings columns, competitions, posts, tips, and advice for companies, events, and more.

  1. Lioness Magazine | For The Female Entrepreneur

Lioness Magazine provides women with the latest news, tools, and services for entrepreneurs to launch and scale-up. Lioness Magazine inspires women to unleash the Inner Lioness! It is one of the best women in business magazines.

  1. Diversity Woman

The latest editions of business magazines often feature women with an appetite for success and a passion for bending the rules. Diversity Woman is a unified print, event, and Web Company that delivers detailed articles focused on management and executive management.

  1. Business Woman Magazine

Business Woman magazine is a monthly publication in Central Pennsylvania focused on the needs of executives. Business Woman magazine identifies leaders and knowledge within its culture to encourage a prosperous career and a healthy life.

  1. Key Women in Business

Key Women in Business is the only online magazine that provides entrepreneurial and business-oriented women living or working in the UK with informative and aspiring business material, looking to grow their business, career, or support others.

  1. The Business Magazine for Women

It is a Business Magazine for women and it is handled by women. It focuses on the voice of women in Business, Tech, and Politics.

  1. The Virago

It is Canadian Women’s Business & Lifestyle magazine. In the hope of empowering and equipping women to go after their dreams, the Virago was started as a forum to share stories of empowerment with women.


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