Top 10 Innovative Brands of The Year 2022

The current edition of the CEO Views brings to you the “Top 10 innovative brands of 2022” that have been successful in their quest for innovation and are constantly inspiring the world with their achievements. Therefore, the listed companies aspire to assist young entrepreneurs and organizations in their meaningful journey towards accomplishments and success.

Nesim Bildirici, CEO & Founder

AMC Health advanced monitored caregiving is a company that delivers better health outcomes while maximizing reimbursements through our virtual care and remote patient monitoring solutions.

Boris Rozman, CEO

Career Matching Platform is a job searching company that connects job seekers with career opportunities based on advanced matching of live jobs at leading employers looking for professionals.

Stanley Kolev, CEO

E V International limited is a technology company that reduces the use of poisonous chemicals by providing innovative alternatives for cleaning without household chemicals.

Varun Sharma, Co- Founder & Strategic Director

Growth Turbine is a data-driven, turn-key Crowdfunding campaign management agency with expertise in Crowdfunding Marketing, Product Launch, App launch & Growth Hacking.

Kenneth Nealey, founder and CEO

LaoCann Capital is A firm that can be termed as an independent banking investment firm that focuses on the private capital markets.

Luc Sabbatini, CEO

PBSC Urban Solutions is an international bicycle sharing system vendor which provides custom bicycle-sharing systems, Bikes, portable stations, mobile apps, and management tools.

Daniel Brokaw, VP of Sales & Engineering

PEKO Precision Products is a vertically integrated, full-service contract manufacturer for technology development and product commercialization.

Vijaye Raji, Founder

Statsig, Inc is a company that accelerates your growth with data, it’s modern and trusted experimentation platform automatically identifies which features are causing product metrics to move.

Leonard Armenta, Founder & CEO

Supplement Group, Inc. is a company that ensures a healthier life through its creation and acquisition of unique and sustainable health and wellness brands.

Kelly Carnes, President and CEO

TechVision21 is an award-winning business strategy innovation policy consulting firm, with a team that is experts in science, engineering and mathematics.