Healthcare technology is the most sought-after phrase may be at current times more than ever before. The need for technology sophistication in healthcare and at quick pace has quadrupled, and the demand is unimaginable. The avenues are large and the opportunities are multifold, the only question that remains is who and how well can one adopt and how fast. Healthcare providers are jumping on to the next frontier of digitally transforming themselves. Technologies such as Al, VR, telemedicine are calling for the next big change in healthcare advancements. Every little detail of how patients are screened, understood and treated are gaining paramount importance and are being researched and documented well Organizations who are on the forefront of putting great efforts to be early adopters and best serve the industry as a whole need reach out to the right spot and serve were the dearth is needed.


Thus, the current edition of The CEO Views brings to you “Top 10 Healthcare Technology Providers of the year 2021“. The list highlights some of the top Healthcare Technology Providers who offer the best in class in the technology landscape, including innovative platforms like Pathway, which is reimagining the accessibility and utility of medical knowledge. The proposed list aspires to assist individuals and organizations to find the best companies that will help them accomplish their projects.

Dr. Hugh Cormican, CEO

A leading provider of informatics and imaging solutions that enhance and speed up patient diagnosis.

Jeff Tangney, CEO

Doximity is the leading digital platform for medical professionals and physicians across all specialties and practice areas.

Mike Salvino, President & CEO

A provider of innovative solutions and healthcare expertise helping organizations improve productivity and empowering caregivers delivering better patient outcomes.

Hinge Health, Inc.

Daniel Perez, CEO & Co-founder

Hinge Health is pioneering the world’s most patient-centered Digital Clinic for back & joint pain.

Leo Grady, CEO

Paige leverages advanced technology including AI and computational tools to deliver better patient outcomes for hospitals, labs and lifesciences sector.

Zach Daigle, President

A provider of healthcare testing, monitoring and screening solutions improving patient safety and the quality of care.

Brian Seims, President

A provider of of Inside Sales, Account Management & Inbound Support services.

Jesper Ejlersen, CEO

Stibos Systems’ MDM accelerates digital transformation and bolsters regulatory compliance with for life sciences organizations.

Dan Michelson, CEO

A provider of software and service solutions to help healthcare providers better analyze, plan and perform to deliver better patient care and reduce the cost of care.

Jacob Sattelmair, President and CEO, Co-founder

Wellframe’s Digital Health Management Platform offer solutions for care management and advocacy that help organizations deliver better patient outcomes.