Tommy Swanhaus, CEO

Tommy Swanhaus, a creative genius in the global entertainment and advertising industry, utilized his talent to create a platform for the forward-thinking businesses. He established his own company, Tommy Swanhaus Co., which concentrates solely on using the mobile phone and mobile platforms to develop business. The company offers advanced solutions for retailers, restaurants, franchises, small businesses, and large corporations to reach, engage, and connect with their consumers or customers. The solution is generally a mix of text messaging and creative content. Tommy Swanhaus Co. streamlines the process of consumer engagement by engaging customers through their mobile platform. The digital mobile marketing company aims to connect people with the brand and build business brand awareness.

Statistically, consumers open their emails 20 percent of the time and only 10 percent of advertisers and brands’ social media followers reach a post. Addressing this problem, Tommy Swanhaus Co. has leveraged mobile and text messaging platforms to improve connectivity and offer the best Return on Investment. Tommy Swanhaus says, “According to Forbes, 99 percent of Text Messages are opened within 5 minutes.” The solution is 100 percent spam-free with no push notification and does not require downloading apps, making it the go-to solution for restaurants, small companies, and publicly traded companies who are looking for real results or leads that can be measured instantly.

Tommy Swanhaus Co.’s platform can be used to promote sales, discounts, and events and has been developed in accordance with the needs of its clients. Text to donate; Text to Join; Text Linking back to a clients’ Social Media, Photos, and Online Video are some of the categories customized to cater to the needs of organizations. The company uses text messaging options such as Text to Win, VIP Rewards, and surveys to drive sales. Tommy Swanhaus Co. also builds and manages websites, PPC, Social Media, Video, and overall Content Creation. They also provide Strategic Marketing and Branding consulting to companies. Tommy Swanhaus is also available as an Advisor and Board of Director to companies. The company works for intellectual properties, education, and brands of all different sizes.

Tommy Swanhaus believes in a hands-on approach for marketing and personally leverages his name and networks for his clients. His Instagram account, “TommySwanhaus”, ranks in the Top .005 percent for Influencers Worldwide. Moreover, he uses the account for certain client marketing promotions and helps them increase their Instagram followers, likes, video views and overall engagement. With his expertise and leadership in mobile marketing, Tommy Swanhaus has earned recognition in over 200 publications worldwide. His platform, The FreeStyle Life, went from zero market share to be in 110 Countries and 26 different languages in two years. After Steve Wozniak (Co-Founder of Apple) and Nolan Bushnell (Co-Founder of Atari) were not available to keynote, Tommy Swanhaus was the next one asked and keynoted at Global Entrepreneurship Week about the “Future of Media & Entertainment.” He has also been shortlisted for “30 Best Leaders to Watch in 2019.”

Although the company has faced several challenges for being way ahead of time as a huge section of its target market was not ready to accept this completely new technology. But with hard work, the company has marked its position in the market.

For such state-of-art developments, Tommy Swanhaus Co. was recently honored as one of the “50 Leading Companies of the Year” for 2018 by The Silicon Review magazine. Moreover, the company has also now been selected as one of the “Top 10 Smartest Companies of the year 2019” by the Enterprise Technology magazine, The CEO Views. To conclude, Tommy Swanhaus Co. can be named as the future of media and entertainment.


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