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How Can Blockchain Technology Help With Intellectual Property Protection?

By CEO 8 Min Read

If you're a creator or a designer, you'd probably know how easily you can lose your content to thieves. Of course, there are IP laws that can enforce your legal

The Benefits Of Having A Legal Operations Software

We live in a digital world, and with each new year, we see some fascinating new approaches to problems that

By CEO 6 Min Read

NVISNx: Revolutionizing The Way Companies Govern & Manage Data Risk

INTRODUCTION: While it was predicted that the global workspaces would have to adapt to digital technologies, global enterprises never imagined

9 Min Read
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Can You Obtain European Residence By Investing? Find Out Here

Different countries have different rules and are not the same. This statement

8 Min Read
8 Strategies For Keeping Your Workplace Safe

Workplace violence and aggression are a growing concern for businesses of all

5 Min Read
What are the types of VPN?

A VPN is a virtual private network that allows a user to

6 Min Read
Is it suitable to advertise cosmetic surgery to under-18s?

By Michael Saul, Partner at Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors Advertisements for cosmetic treatments

4 Min Read
WaterH: Hydration made easy with smart water bottles

Water is a cure-all. It is essential for the survival of life.

10 Min Read
Surge Energy: Powering the Nation

The oil & gas industry is among the largest industries in the

9 Min Read
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Vivial: Industry-Leading Martech Company offers Robust Marketing Platform for Businesses

Vivial is the only marketing provider in the industry to offer a robust and proprietary online, mobile and social media platform. It is designed to connect local businesses with their

By CEO 7 Min Read
What is Automation Testing and Why is it Important to Your Development Cycle?
5 Min Read

Software testing is one of the most important parts of the software development lifecycle. The complexities involved in software development

Cloud Computing Supporting Developing Economies
7 Min Read

Cloud computing has supported developing economies like the United States for some time now. However, nations with minimal resources and

European investment firms are playing a major role by contributing more to MedTech
4 Min Read

The omnipresence of technology has motivated us to use more medical devices not only for diagnosis but also as preventive

The Four Primary Tips to Get Started with Data Democratization
5 Min Read

Business information is more abundant than ever. Regardless of whether this information is acquired directly or obtained from a third-party

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