IES COMMUNICATIONS: Leading the Communications Technology, Systems, and Services Market

The world around us is evolving quickly, motivating people to adjust their lifestyles accordingly. Our ever-increasing reliance on technology has accelerated to unprecedented heights. As many companies attempt to address

CEO By CEO 8 Min Read

NVISNx: Global Platform in Novel Information Governance, Risk and Compliance (iGRC)

NVISNx is an innovative information governance, risk, and compliance (iGRC) company that solves the challenges as to why breaches continue to happen and what makes privacy compliance so difficult. After

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D2 SOLUTIONS: Empowering healthcare leaders with SaaS solutions and consulting expertise

The high adoption of digitalization in health- care firms and the rising need for increasing efficiency have contributed to the increased demand for healthcare consulting services. By implementing the right

8 Min Read

SWISS AVIATION SOFTWARE: Pioneering the Aircraft Maintenance Software Market

The daily operation of the global economy depends heavily on the aviation sector. Not only does it help get the world's population from A to B, but it is also

10 Min Read

What are the types of VPN?

A VPN is a virtual private network that allows a user to safely and privately connect to a private network. A VPN provides an encrypted connection, known as the VPN

6 Min Read

atisfy: Helping Brands With Psychology, Technology & Data To Put Their Consumer First.

Cover story atisfy was founded in 2018 and has gone from a consultancy of gaming products run by two individuals to a company of 30 and recruiting with a line

14 Min Read

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How Construction Technology Will Benefit You

Technology is changing the way that the construction industry works and this technology can save time, money, and miscommunications down the road. This brings with it greater benefits for both

By CEO 6 Min Read

7 Reasons Why Instagram Is So Popular Among Brands

Social media is the key to successful marketing in today’s world. But when there is

7 Min Read

The Top 11 Technology Magazines and Publications to Read

Marketers know that staying in the loop significantly affects their careers. It's

4 Min Read

30 years of Service Management – how far have we come?

Marval are a British technology company established in 1989. We were a

7 Min Read

What are the Advantages of AR and VR on the Website?

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are changing e-commerce's face rapidly.

9 Min Read


Matthews Healthcare Education is a first of its kind for job seekers

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE “Matthews” started July 5th, 1978. His name was Matthew A Collura he died in February 2002, but the impact of his life would be eternal. Matthew would

By CEO 4 Min Read

How HRO and Cloud HR Are a Match Made in Heaven?

Current day cloud HR arrangements have opened up new and improved working methods, streamlining HR forms every day, enhancing representative engagement, freeing up data, and opening up HR to focus

The Importance Of Phone Number Validation For Your SMS Marketing

If you do not use SMS to boost your customer engagement, you should start doing it. If you already use SMS, you should know about phone validation. Just like address

Planning To Ship Business Supplies? Here Are Some Useful Tips

Shipping business supplies is a tricky task. It requires the right equipment, the correct packaging, and careful preparation. When done correctly, it can be a very profitable endeavor for your

The cyber-world needs better security

With so much data revolving around the cyber technology industry, who is assuring the security of the consumers’ data? Well, history has witnessed that with the rising cyber-crimes, technology has

Latest Stories

Eight Things You Need If You’re Going To Invest In Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum present new and potentially lucrative investment opportunities. But smart crypto investing requires doing your homework

5 Min Read

Finding the Best Usenet Search Product: Your Ultimate Guide

In the vast realm of the Internet, Usenet remains a powerful network for sharing and discussing information. To navigate this

6 Min Read

What Is the Significance of Internet Safety Education in a Hyperconnected World?

Although we are born with smartphones in our hands and spend most of our time with smart devices, we rarely

5 Min Read

Skybridge Americas: Revolutionizing Customer Service With Talent and IT Innovation

Investing in customer experience has proven to be the key to long-term success for Skybridge Americas, the people-driven company known

11 Min Read

YELLOW BRICK ROAD: Unleashing Child’s Imagination With Unique Child Care Programs

Early childhood offers a critical window of opportunity and sets the building blocks to shape a child's holistic development. When

10 Min Read

The ROI Of A Clean Workplace: Unseen Benefits Revealed

The ROI Of A Clean Workplace: Unseen Benefits Revealed A clean workplace has obvious benefits because sanitary practices are essential

7 Min Read

PATRICK R. RICCARDS: Transforming The Teaching And Learning 0f American History

An exceptional visionary and dynamic leader, Patrick R.  Riccards, the CEO of Driving Force Institute exudes an un  wavering drive

9 Min Read

Jason A. Corning: Building A Better Future For The Disabled Community

Jason Corning was born deafblind. Like any other disabled person, he went through rigorous challenges both physical and mental and

10 Min Read



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