Amidst the Coronavirus Threat, Impact on Technology

Intimation for the Technology Industries The coronavirus (also referred to as COVID-19) has been reported

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10 Top Albert Einstein Quotes About Life

There have been many impressive thinkers whose vast array of knowledge and ideas have shaped

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How to Maximize ROI With CMMS

In an era where operational efficiency directly correlates with financial success, Computerized Maintenance Management Systems

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10Guards: Top-10 Potential Cyberthreats

Technology's evolution brings not only additional opportunities in society's development but also new ways for cybercriminals to earn money. A few years ago, cybersecurity experts were preparing the world for

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When ehotel went online in 2000 with the idea of simplifying the business-specific search for cheap hotel rooms as an

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EXECUTIVE GLOBAL TRANSPORTATION SERVICES: Managing Shipment Logistics with convenience

Demand for transportation and logistics services has been instrumental in meeting global trends of market growth as they continue to

7 Min Read

Virtual rooms and prospects for the development of the sector

The Future of Virtual Data Rooms – Trends to Watch Out For Progress does not stop for a minute. Moreover,

7 Min Read

30 years of Service Management – how far have we come?

Marval are a British technology company established in 1989. We were a company born out of need rather speculative opportunity.

7 Min Read

Easy To Start Freelance Jobs in 2021-2022

There is increasing popularity of freelance jobs in the workplace. Many and many people choose not to stay with one

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Spend Management with Cloud, Helping Organizations

As technology leaders, managers are challenged to build choices that affect their bottom line and growth, and therefore their two main goals are to find problems and stay below budget.

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Logistics Industry Using Machine Learning

Logistics Industry is working on extremely complicated internet providers, intermediaries, customers, financiers, and depend on everyone to deliver their services and products. While logistics moves along the digitization route, 3PL

3 Min Read
Data Integration 101: Essential Concepts for Every Business

So, you think managing your business data is a piece of cake?

12 Min Read

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Top Cities to Start Your IT Startup – A List of the Best in the US

Lots of things will determine whether your fledgling business is destined for success or doomed

5 Min Read

Cyber Security After COVID-19

As governments begin to lift emergency orders, business leaders consider policies, technology and processes to

5 Min Read

Worldwide Data Losses Exceed Coronavirus Impact

Some estimates place the value of all US data at $13T and $130T globally.  Monetary

6 Min Read

AVATRADE: Pioneering Online Trading Since 2006

AvaTrade was founded in 2006, which is considered a lifetime in the online trading industry.

9 Min Read

Tesla announces to cut off 10% of global workforce

Tesla announces to lay off more than 10% of its global workforce, as its operating profit margins decline terribly in the third quarter. It has already implemented workforce cuts and

By CEO 3 Min Read

Exploring Offshore Banking: Understanding its Popularity and Key Sectors

The phrase "offshore banking" often leads to questions. What is offshore banking and why do so many individuals and enterprises opt to secure their hard-earned money internationally? Offshore banking stretches

By CEO 7 Min Read

CCRMD, Ltd. provides consulting and methodological services for conducting technical, toxicological, and clinical trials

Before delving into the intricacies of CCRMD's operations, it's essential to understand the driving force behind its inception. CCRMD’s CEO Elena Zarubina's professional journey began as an operating nurse in

By CEO 6 Min Read

7 Crypto-Related Careers to Pursue

When the average person thinks of making money from cryptocurrency, their minds usually go to speculative trading. And with Bitcoin’s newest price milestone triggered by its ETF approval, we can

By CEO 7 Min Read

How to Earn Passive Income with Your BTC?

In digital assets, Bitcoin (BTC), the pioneering cryptocurrency, stands out as a beacon of potential for both novel investors and seasoned traders. Despite the volatility inherent in the crypto market,

By CEO 6 Min Read

Working from home isn’t going away, even if some CEOs wish it would

The onset of the pandemic has accelerated a shift to remote work. Even in post-pandemic, the figure is likely to remain unchanged. Today, 14% of US workers are working from

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