Thought Leadership Award 2023

A Thought Leader is someone who draws from the past, analyses the present and rethinks of ways to create an impactful presence of their brand in the future. They possess an innate ability to speculate on what is going to happen and identifies trends way before they crawl in. They experiment, devise meticulous strategies, and reconstruct business models to keep pace with the changing business needs. They step ahead of the disruptive curve, to seek for innovation. With real-time visibility into the complexities of the business landscape, they make informed decisions and swiftly adapt to evolving market demands. The current edition of the CEO Views brings to you “Thought Leadership Award 2023.” The list features individuals who have demonstrated exceptional vision and thought leadership in their respective industries, constantly inspiring and reshaping the world of business to create a better future.

Indonesia wise

Amol Titus is a well-known senior strategic advisor, writer and educationist based in Jakarta. With a distinguished career spanning over 25 years, Amol has an impressive repertoire of expertise and experience in emerging markets, principally in India and Indonesia.


Dr. Ming-Chien Chyu is a pioneer in the field of Healthcare Engineering. Widely regarded as the ‘Father of Healthcare Engineering,’ he has dedicated his life in improving and advancing all aspects of healthcare through engineering.

Collar Group

Ephram Stephenson, the driving force behind Collar Talent Group is a visionary leader exuding an unwavering passion and dedication to revolutionize the recruitment industry.


Born as a deafblind, Jason A. Corning ventured out into his own business with Mizaru to help people with disability build a better community in future.

Tectonix Steel

Jason Chamberlain, President of Tectonix Steel is a dynamic and visionary leader with a demonstrated history of working in the architecture & planning industry.

Claimocity Software

Jim Sholeff, CEO of Claimocity Software is a consummate entrepreneur pushing the boundaries of innovation with a software platform that gives rounding doctors a one stop shop for everything.

Mark Harvey is a pragmatic thinker with a deep understanding of operational execution. He founded to provide trusted, secure, and easy-to-consume solutions for ID verification, anti-fraud and secure online authentication use cases.

Driving Force

Patrick R. Riccards, the founder of the Driving Force Institute for Public Engagement is a strategic leader, communicator, engagement expert, award-winning author, and advocate, seeking to transform the teaching and learning of American history.


Todd McNabb, President and Chief Revenue Officer of ScienceLogic is an inspirational thought leader with over 20 years’ experience expanding into new markets and scaling sales operations in diverse sectors.

Executive Tag &
Title Services, Inc.

Yadira is an accomplished entrepreneur. With a remarkable career and an extensive experience in the automotive industry, she founded Executive Tag and Title Services that offers unmatched motor vehicle expertise and turn around in the industry.