top AI trends in 2021

Over the past few years, artificial intelligence and its sub-domain, Machine Learning (ML), has shown promising trends. On the one hand, in almost every sector, AI is changing living and human interactions on a wide scale. On the other hand, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the restrictions and policies imposed turned out to be advantageous for AI to develop. In this article, we will discuss about the top AI trends in 2021.

AI has emerged as a revolutionary technology, given the lockdown situation and companies turning to digital transformation. Not only does it address and simplify manual business workflows, but it also helps to minimize costs. 2020 has witnessed many specific platforms, research, and resources that use AI to a large degree. But 2021 has promised to be the golden year for AI implementation far more and quite correctly.

Here’s a list of Top AI Trends in 2021

1. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

It is one of the most disruptive AI innovations that help to perform manual tasks repetitively. Without making any mess, it can perform a high-volume, repetitive task on the desktop effectively. The role may be to bill a customer. The robot opens an email via RPA to copy the provided data into a CRM database. Then it collects data from another associated database. With new data, it responds to that client. Besides, it can perform the given task several times a day and save time for humans to do another productive task.

RPA is a robot that operates on routine manual tasks using the software. If there is something beyond the robot’s understanding, it advises its owner to move in. RPA completes the mundane job in a nutshell and allows individuals time for more exciting work. RPA can be used for billing, invoicing, processing of payrolls, data retrieval, monitoring, and scheduling of shipments. It is also known as the Hybrid Workforce, which illustrates human workforce cooperation with robots.

2. AI in Healthcare

AI is already helping to a great degree with high precision in the healthcare sector, but more developments will impress everyone. AI-building enterprises are struggling hard to develop innovative technologies to boost the health industry-AI-inspired people’s capacities in recovering patients from the latest COVID-19 pandemic. To classify COVID patients and significant hot spots, Big Data was used. Moreover, researchers have developed thermal cameras and mobile applications to monitor individual temperatures and collect healthcare organizations’ data.

By using data analysis and predicting various outcomes, AI can support healthcare departments in several specific ways. AI and ML instruments offer insights into human health and recommend preventative steps to avoid the disease’s spread. There is another trend in AI; AI watches can help doctors remotely track their patients’ health. These top AI trends in 2021 are here to stay.

3. AI for Cybersecurity & Data Breaches

A wide variety of data sets will be obtained and analyzed by the use of sophisticated AI tools. To recognize all risks, it will fetch data from news, blogs, websites, and articles. The device will become more reliable as it gathers more data. Digital data will be at greater risk of being compromised and exposed to phishing attacks in 2021 and beyond. AI and emerging technology will provide the security department with support in every area against malicious activities.

With enhanced enterprise cybersecurity initiatives, AI will help deter cybercrimes in the future. The AI-enabled framework would detect fake digital activity or transactions that match criminal trends. Its preventive alarms can secure data hacking firms with confidential data information. Also, identifying any threatening behavior, including suspicious IP addresses, would take only a few seconds. It enables security dealers to respond quicker than typical to these activities. The demand for AI in cybersecurity will grow in 2021 because of its high performance and benefits.

4. Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Machine learning models here teach computers to understand what defines a particular process in written or spoken material. In the present time, it becomes one of the top and strongly anticipated applications of AI. Due to its prominent use as Amazon Alexa and Google Home, the popularity of NLP is growing. NLP removed the need to write or communicate with a screen as humans now communicate with robots who understand their language.

Natural Language Processing comes with two sub-applications.

  • Natural Language Understanding: As shown by its name, it helps a machine study a written text and better interpret its context.
  • Natural Language Generation: It is a logical answer that a computer produces, for example, any text for any given input.

In 2021, NLP for sentiment analysis, machine translation, process description, auto-video caption generation, and chatbots will increase. In creating captions automatically throughout its website, YouTube utilizes NLP technology. YouTube Video provides tools for voice recognition that generates video captions. The framework first made use of this technology in 2009 to translate hundreds of languages. NLP expects to be in massive demand as top AI trends in 2021.

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5. The Union of the Internet of Things with AI (AIoT)

For proper management of interconnected devices, the Internet of Things (IoT) is used. Such devices perform exemplary tasks in various organizations, households, and businesses. However, researchers have strengthened the capabilities of IoT devices by combining them with AI. IoT technology can deliver software and customer relationship management knowledge in real-time (CRM). The output of many interconnected gadgets will also be in tracking.

In industrial devices, these AI-powered smart solutions can be in utilization for high maintenance. It also assists in remotely distributing or addressing issues. AI and IoT can have a fantastic ear for exciting insights while employed together. Sensor-powered AI can lead to predictive maintenance in the manufacture of products. Smart home devices such as Nest (the application from Google) will gain popularity. By 2021, 28 percent of US homes will become smart homes, according to estimates. As a result, performance will keep on increasing to reach the next step.

Another instance is AI applications that allow defective machines to be spotted by field agents. It operates with an embedded image recognition feature in Field Service Applications. By identifying defects and delivering predictive maintenance, AIoT helps companies. It is one of the most valuable top AI trends in 2021.


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