Cybersecurity Magazines and Publications

The practice of safeguarding devices, networks, and applications from digital attacks is cybersecurity. Typically, these cyberattacks aim to obtain, manipulate, or damage confidential information, extort users’ money, or disrupt normal business processes. To keep cybersecurity practitioners updated, trained, and updated about the sector, cybersecurity magazines provide the most in-depth, unbiased data, research, and perspective.

The CEO Views Magazine is a business magazine with articles that promote business and lifestyle change, creativity, and disruption. The magazine’s future versions will concentrate on Cyber Security, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Transformation, and much more technology news.

Here’s a list of cybersecurity magazines to stay updated

  1. Cybercrime Magazine

Cybersecurity Ventures is the world’s leading researcher and a reliable source for cybersecurity facts, figures, estimates, and Page ONE for the global cyber economy. Cybersecurity Ventures’ Cybercrime Magazine offers analysis and updates on cybercrime costs, the scale of the cybersecurity sector and investment estimates, jobs in cybersecurity & more.

  1. SC Magazine

SC Media UK is a dedicated IT security publication that has supported the IT security industry for over 20 years and puts together information security practitioners with the in-depth, impartial business and technical information they need to solve the myriad security issues they face and build risk management and enforcement roles that underpin overall business strategies.

  1. Cyber Defense Magazine

Cyber Defense Magazine is built for IT security professionals by ethical, truthful, passionate information security professionals. Its goal is to share cutting-edge insights, real-world insights, and awards in the information technology industry for the best innovations, products, and services.

  1. CISO MAG | Information Security Magazine

In information delivery, logistics, and lifestyle, the world is undergoing a paradigm change. The concept of the future has come to be digitization. The future is here, and a floodgate of cyber threats has been opened as well. CISOMAG offers profound, unbiased business and technological knowledge to those in cyberspace who are qualified. The cybersecurity magazine provides news, extensive research, cutting-edge features, and contributions from opinion leaders.

  1. United States Cybersecurity Magazine

The magazine is the voice for the cybersecurity industry, a forum to inform and advise the industry and the public at large for those on the front lines of cyber-warfare, cybersecurity law and policy, and cybersecurity infrastructure. It seeks to increase the degree of understanding of cybersecurity, cybercrime, and the industries that have grown around them.

  1. Brilliance Security Magazine

This magazine illustrates the physical and cybersecurity intersections and scours the internet, blogosphere, and social media to bring timely and essential news from the security industry.

  1. Australian Cyber Security Magazine

In agreement with the Australian Information Security Association (AISA), the Australian Cyber Security Magazine was launched to focus on AISA’s 3,000 members nationally and is part of AISA’s national cybersecurity awareness and membership communication platform. It has become a popular publication, incorporating investigative journalism, causing all cybersecurity professionals to receive editorial and up-to-date news, trends, and events.

  1. Cybersecurity Magazine

The goal of Cybersecurity Magazine is to bridge the gap between practice and science. The magazine will feature new articles at least twice a month.


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