Banking Technology Magazines

The banking sector is highly diverse and includes retail banking, asset and wealth management, corporate, and investment banking industries. The retail banking segment has reported significant growth and has the excellent potential to expand faster over the forecast period. The banking sector is an industry and a segment of the economy dedicated to holding other people’s financial assets and investing those financial assets as a leveraged means of creating more money. There are various banking technology magazines and blogs where a banking enthusiast can find the latest updates.

The CEO Views aims to provide the perfect platform for entrepreneurs to connect with their industry peers. The magazine focuses on the latest updates and news of banking & insurance, education, financial sectors, healthcare, retail, and more.

Here is a list of few banking technology magazines to enhance knowledge

  1. The Banker

Since 1926, the Banker has been the trusted source of bank information. The Banker has navigated its way from the Wall Street Crash of 1929 to the financial crisis of 2008 through more than 90 years of banking coverage with the same reputation for precision, authority, and honesty. With a vast range of news, features, analysis, interviews, and in-depth coverage of all the main issues facing the financial sector, the banking technology magazine aims to stimulate and inform, providing an unparalleled perspective.

  1. FinTech Futures

FinTech Futures is a digital publishing forum for the global fintech community, from veterans of the industry to those just joining the space and everything in between. The banking technology magazine offers a wide selection of common reporting areas, in-depth coverage, and expert commentary. It includes news from FinTech, BankingTech, LendTech, InsurTech PayTech, RegTech, and the wealth tech regions. The magazine’s broad readership and strong credibility, combined with in-depth worldwide coverage of fintech, making it the leading resource for technology consumers, distributors, developers, integrators, and other industry specialists.

  1. Money Observer

Since 1979, The Money Observer has been helping readers with their finances and savings. The editorial team has a straightforward objective to provide high-quality reporting and information to readers on a wide variety of savings and investment topics. Each issue boasts well-researched facts and opinions designed to help readers make well-informed and potentially successful financial decisions, whether they are risk-averse or risk-takers.

  1. Banking CIO Outlook

Banking CIO Outlook allows banks to step forward and direct them to implement the latest technologies to help deliver a better customer experience with seamless solutions. Technologies from virtual reality to artificial intelligence and cognitive computing are making waves in the banking arena. And all this is possible because of the magazine and banking institutions can gain industry insights. The banking technology magazine has contributors from the most developed banking institutions using its print forum to present their perspectives. The magazine focuses on three pillars: guidance from industry experts, contributory articles on technology developments by corporate leaders, and technical articles written on different solution providers by its in-house staff. Today, Banking CIO Outlook has a longer shelf life than other magazines because it offers many articles not limited by time or trends.


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