Digital Marketing Magazines & Publications

Digital marketing promotes and sells goods and services by using online marketing techniques such as social media marketing, search marketing, and email marketing. Digital marketing uses the internet, social media, mobile devices, display advertising, search engines, and other channels to reach consumers.

The CEO Views is one of the best digital magazine platforms. The CEO Views was founded with the singular objective of becoming the platform that connects entrepreneurs with their peers.

Here’s a quick list of 13 favorite digital marketing magazines and publications:

  1. The Drum Magazine

The Drum is a leading distributor of global marketing industry content, perspectives, and live events. With articles, career search tools, lists of events, and features, marketing, and advertising industry news are the main content for this magazine.

  1. Campaign Magazine

The campaign is the world’s leading brand of business media representing the cultures of marketing, advertisement, and media. Its goal is to provide the creative firepower that these professionals need to attract and entertain customers. We also have to adapt at a time of rapid change, when re-invention has become the new standard.

  1. Digiday Magazine | Digital Content, Digital Advertising, Digital Marketing

Digiday is a media organization and network for professionals in digital media, marketing, and advertisement. It focuses on quality, not quantity, and honesty instead of spin. The magazine covers the industry with expertise, depth, and tone that can’t be found anywhere else. The Digiday team aims to create the industry’s highest quality magazines, conferences, and tools.

  1. Marketing Week Magazine

Marketing Week is a leading marketing jobs, marketing news, and opinion and information magazine in the UK. The digital marketing magazine covers all sectors of advertisement, newspapers, pr, web marketing & branding.

  1. Target Marketing Magazine

Marketing is transformed by ideas, people, and technology. The magazine’s mission is to be the independent voice at the forefront of ideas and technologies that drive measurable performance through industries while sharing the inspirational stories of people and businesses that adopt marketing innovations.

  1. Digital Marketing Magazine

It is an online magazine for the modern marketing & digital industries, with digital marketing content, articles, and feedback. The one-stop guide for marketers is Digital Marketing Magazine.

  1. Marketing Magazine

For the media, marketing, branding, advertisement, and communications industry, MARKETING magazine is the leading source of information and opinions.

  1. Visibility Magazine

Visibility Magazine started in 2007 as a print magazine dedicated to bringing vision, clarity, and awareness to the Internet marketing industry. Its content remains on the cutting edge, supplied by leading internet marketing firms.

  1. Figaro Digital Magazine

Figaro Digital is a publishing and events organization dedicated to new thinking in digital marketing magazines. The magazine conducts seminars, conferences, and summits on the latest trends in digital marketing.

  1. AdAsia Magazine

For those who want to know more about the direction that digital marketing is going, AdAsia is the magazine and the innovative technology that defines it. The magazine focuses on automation, advertising, creative technology with customer orientation.

  1. Direct Marketing Magazine

Direct Marketing Magazine offers news, insights, tips, and tricks on Direct Marketing.

  1. The Network Marketing Magazine

Network Marketing Magazine aims to educate, coach, mentor, encourage and empower Network Marketing members to achieve personal and professional success.

  1. PAGES SEO Magazine

PAGES is a quarterly print magazine about SEO. The magazine explores expert insights, industry news, and SEO resources for digital marketing professionals.


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