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Every organization wants to go digital today. Numerous innovations have developed to fulfill the task, benefiting far more than the proposed requirement. These are not only cost-effective but also long-term and agile innovations. One of the technology booms is cloud storage, which has added a degree of ease and accessibility for every company to handle their data and activities in a more sophisticated and structured manner. Many cloud magazines are available in online and offline modes, which help the industry peers to stay updated with the latest innovations.

The CEO Views has been rated as one of the best Cloud magazines available online and offline. This magazine is mainly for entrepreneurs and executives who want reliable information that has been pre-verified by industry specialists.

Here’s a list of top cloud magazines and blogs to enhance the knowledge of readers

  1. CloudTech

CloudTech is a leading blog and news source devoted to strategy and technology for cloud computing. CloudTech has hundreds of blogs on various cloud-related topics with authors including Cloudonomics author Joe Weinman, IBM’s Sebastian Krause, and Ian Moyse from the Cloud Industry Forum and reaches over 320,000 cloud computing professionals.

  1. CloudTweaks

One of the Internet’s most insightful cloud blogs is CloudTweaks. CloudTweaks has various other types of content, such as statistics, infographics, event announcements, and cloud comics, in addition to multiple contributors and a long list of blogs!

  1. Cloud Computing Magazine

This magazine covers the latest news and features original articles on Cloud Computing. It is one of the best cloud magazines available.

  1. Cloudwards

It includes reviews, news, and comparison tables of independent cloud storage and web services. Find the right supplier of clouds and compare the primary providers with the help of Cloudwards.

  1. AWS News Blog

Amazon Web Services provides cloud computing services that are efficient, scalable, and inexpensive. To get the latest news and updates on AWS, follow this blog.

  1. IBM Cloud Computing

Thoughts on Cloud is a major source of cloud community perspectives, news, and analysis, delivered by IBM. It is driven by exclusive comments from IBM thought leaders and industry experts, along with curated, important news from around the globe about cloud computing.

  1. Microsoft Azure Blog

The Microsoft Azure blog has articles by various Azure employees who are part of the organization’s integrated cloud services project. This is a highly informative blog, with over 2,500 posts covering product news and features and events in the industry. Hear the latest details, perspectives, announcements, and Azure news in this blog from Azure experts and developers.

  1. VMware vCloud Blog

VMware is a virtualization leader in cloud magazines, and it simplifies IT sophistication into the cloud and virtual workplace across the entire data center. It enables consumers with hybrid cloud and business mobility solutions.

  1. Cloud on TechRepublic

In the smallest companies and the largest data centers, cloud technologies gain traction every day, providing services that cover everything from the infrastructure to the app level. There are several possible advantages and threats, but industry leaders such as Amazon, Rackspace, IBM, and Microsoft are taking the cloud to the middle of the IT landscape from the cutting edge.

  1. Cisco Cloud Computing Blog

Cisco is a worldwide pioneer in technology that has made the Internet work. The people, goods, and partners are helping society communicate securely and capture tomorrow’s digital opportunity.

  1. SingleHop

SingleHop is the rapidly growing provider of hosted private cloud & on-demand servers in the industry. They provide thousands of customers across the globe with dedicated and cloud hosting solutions.

  1. Cloud Management Insider

Cloud Management Insider (CMI) is a community forum that keeps everyone updated on all the cloud domain disturbances. With the sole goal of simplifying the dynamic cloud environment, CMI exists. The ability to learn more about the Cloud; and offering the data in the best feasible way is what drives us.

  1. Compare the Cloud

One of the most popular and comprehensive cloud blogs available is Compare the Cloud. Its posts are from different authors from around the cloud industry. The blog itself reaches over 12 million users of cloud technology.


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