Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation

CEOs have focussed their efforts on introducing digital transformation since the turn of the century. This presents an essential opportunity for delivering innovative new business models, creating new digital customer experiences, and optimizing and automating business performance processes. Despite these advances, organizations are increasingly threatened with defending the expanding cyber-threat landscape to prevent attacks on digital technologies used to transform the business.

Security needs to be part of the digital enterprise’s very fabric to stop cyber-attacks from derailing their digital projects. Organizations have to deliver a secure digital transformation through building core security. This will transform businesses and ensure that they become ‘secure to the core’ with a consistent digital transformation framework.

Listed below are the core pillars to a secure digital transformation

Continuous Surveillance

The first key element for securing digital transformation is tracking IT and operational technology in the business. A modern business needs a wealth of security tools to protect its infrastructure and those endpoints – networks, firewalls, storage, servers, applications, computers, data, etc. These tools generate a massive volume of data every day, making it almost impossible to identify and respond to real cyber threats promptly. With the right security monitoring solutions, companies can quickly identify threats, respond rapidly to attacks, and protect the company from security breaches by applying intelligence and automation to deal with the considerable volume of incidents that occur across the globe.

Verify and Encrypt

Besides monitoring everything, two additional critical pillars are essential for a company to be secured: verify and encrypt everything. Verify everything is about adopting a zero confidence approach to digital identity management and access management. Security will no longer be about “where,” but rather about the “who” to be considered good for this goal. Identity and Access Management (IDAM) can effectively set a logical perimeter that allows for digital transformation. Right IDAM solutions prevent unauthorized access to enterprise information using multiple authentication methods with managing and providing user access. Encrypt all is about minimizing the risk of unauthorized or unlawful processing of critical business data and avoiding accidental loss and damage or destruction to data. All sensitive data require encryption and tokenization with trust services (PKI, certificate and key management), encryption solutions, and rights management. The best privacy and data security solutions encrypt sensitive data and avoid data loss from malicious cyberattacks.

Implementing an Effective Defense

If organizations want their cyber-defense to secure the core, they will need to adopt an approach that provides digital services of the next generation with a high degree of automation through a security platform that applies lean process, in-depth analytics and smart automation to the process of security information and event management (SIEM). The underlying technologies inside this platform are often defined as SOAR (security, orchestration, automation, and response). Whether organizations decide to adopt “SOAR” technology, to keep up with the massive volume of data and incidents produced across a wide array of infrastructure and endpoints, they must apply automation and orchestration to cyber defenses.

Quick Responses

Despite the increasing occurrence of cyberattacks on organizations, the number of sophisticated methods to counter the increased threats of hackers when they occur is also increasing. Businesses need to understand the fundamentals of security so that their digital transformation journey can be made possible.

That means remembering and embracing the three main pillars of security:

  • Monitor everything (with approaches to cyber defense)
  • Verify everything (with digital identity strategies)
  • Everything encrypt (with data security solutions)


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