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If you do not use SMS to boost your customer engagement, you should start doing it. If you already use SMS, you should know about phone validation. Just like address validation, phone validation is an essential aspect of customer data management. With the high utilization rate of mobile devices and e-commerce, email and phone validation have become just as crucial as address verification.

Like is the case with other forms of customer data, accuracy is of utmost importance. Knowing that you are contacting a registered email or phone number and one that is in use can make a real difference. During the process of onboarding new customers, they enter their names and phone numbers. You can efficiently conduct a real-time check to verify the accuracy and validity of the provided data. If you notice any inconsistencies, you can ask them to enter a different number or repeat it.

How Does Phone Validation Work?

For the best results when validating phone numbers, businesses should use an API. An API can automatically remove landlines from the SMS list and send SMS to relevant mobile contacts after validation. You can have a web developer install an API on your website if you do not have the knowledge. However, you can use a batch validator if you already have a numbers database that needs validation.

Alternatively, you can use a reverse address tool to get the numbers belonging to contacts you already have in your database. You can then check the numbers using a phone validator to determine which ones to send an SMS to and which ones to ignore. If you need to validate an extensive list, consider using a batch append tool.

Why Do You Need Accurate Phone Data?

Many businesses are yet to realize the money-saving benefits that come with getting accurate phone number details. Phone number validation comes with different advantages for businesses especially when it comes to cutting costs. It is an especially important aspect for any business that uses phones for communication. Below are some of the benefits companies get to enjoy through phone validation.

1.   Reduced Messaging Costs

As we said before, phone data validation will make it easier for your business to verify the validity of all phone numbers in your database. As a result, you can easily filter out any invalid phone numbers before sending out communications via text message. This way, you do not have to worry about your business wasting money sending messages to numbers no longer in use. Eventually, you will notice a significant increase in your marketing return on investment since any marketing messages sent through SMS will address a valid client in your database. You will not waste any money on invalid numbers.

2.   It Helps Prevent Unpredictable Business Costs

Say, for example, a parcel is delivered to a client’s parcel machine. The customer will receive an SMS notification for the delivery. What happens if you send the notification to an invalid number? You will face two potential challenges.

First, the customer will have no idea about the delivery of the parcel even though the machine is at fault. However, your support team can find a solution to this problem.

Secondly, your business will have to return the parcel to the warehouse if it is not collected within the specified timeframe. Because of this, your business will incur additional costs. You can prevent this by validating all phone numbers.

3.   It Can Protect Your Business From Fraud

Trustworthy people own not all phone numbers in your database. In some cases, a customer can use a burner phone such as a prepaid phone number or portable VoIP to place a fraudulent order. Falling victim to fraudsters that use such phone numbers can cost your business a good amount of money. With proper phone validation, you can avoid getting into trouble.

4.   Authenticating Transactions

With phone validation, businesses can easily confirm transactions. This way, your company does not have to worry about making payments to the wrong number. You also save money you would otherwise lose through fraud or paying for fraud resolutions. Phone validation allows businesses to reduce fraudulent activities and other suspicious transactions, which can be quite costly.

SMS Marketing

Phone validation should be a priority for any business that uses SMS to send business communications. You can use various tools to validate phone numbers, including APIs, batch validators, reverse address tools, and batch append tools. Phone validation offers many money-saving benefits, including lower messaging costs, preventing unpredictable business expenses, protecting from fraud, and authenticating transactions.


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