In this era of rapid change and new challenges, companies need a strategy for navigating a complex and shifting economic, business and technological landscape. Many companies seek guidance from business strategy consultants who have specialized expertise, and can provide impartial and realistic advice. These consultants can o er key knowledge and insights for decision making, help companies design their business plans, and provide support for their implementation. In this regard, TechVision21 stands out for its specialized knowledge, deep experience, client-customized strategies and services, and success. Kelly Carnes, President and CEO of TechVision21, was with the CEOViews team to share the journey of building this business.


TechVision21 is an award-winning Washington, DC-based business strategy firm that focuses on performing “think tank” quality research and analysis, advancing clients’ technology initiatives and interests, and helping companies identify and pursue Federal funding and business opportunities. TechVision21 team members are thought leaders and seasoned experts in their fields, with deep knowledge and extensive experience working at the highest levels of business, government, and law.

This includes team members with decades of experience working on Federal innovation policy and programs. They have worked with a variety of Federal departments and agencies, including the Executive Office of the President, the National Science Foundation, and the Departments of Defense, Commerce, Energy, Education and Labor; as well as the National Science Foundation—to successfully implement Presidential and Cabinet-level programs. They apply their knowledge of Federal innovation policy, programs, and budgets to assist businesses, universities, and non-profit organizations of all sizes in advancing their goals.

The story behind the inception

After serving in the government as the United States Senate-confirmed Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Technology Policy, Kelly realized that many businesses, from start-ups to global behemoths, were not taking full advantage of Federal laws, programs, and funding. Playing the role of “guides” would enable a diverse set of clients to promote cutting-edge innovations that might boost business success while also increasing American competitiveness, job creation, and economic growth. Kelly is a firm believer in the notion of “doing well while doing good,” as well as the value TechVision21 and its clients can add to economic growth and competitiveness in the United States.

Offerings stand out among the competition.

TechVision21 connects clients’ requirements and interests with possibilities in government innovation policies and programs through a wide range of capabilities. The TechVision21 team has the expertise to identify swiftly each client’s unique needs and determine how those needs can be met by partnering with the Federal government, interacting with policy makers, pursuing Federal funding opportunities, or assisting in the development of new legislation, regulations or programs.

Their clients receive tailored services based on their requirements, needs, and interests. Although government proposal criteria are generally fairly complex, the service required is sometimes limited, such as assisting with a grant application. Other times a range of services is needed, such as advocating for a favorable legislative provision in a bill being developed in Congress. In this scenario, they help a client set up meetings with members of Congress or their staff, compose background briefings and talking points, and create fact sheets and white papers that make a compelling case, as well as find and collaborate with like-minded parties. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution.

The company’s team contributes a wealth of knowledge and experience to this job, keeps up with new developments, and gathers intelligence—political, programmatic, and budgetary—to assist clients in remaining ahead of the curve and seizing new opportunities.

What’s in it for the clients

TechVision21’s services include not only advancing client interests but also protecting those interests. The team is always keeping an eye on the policy, program, political, and legislative landscape for new opportunities, but also changes and acts that could harm the client. In the latter situation, they aim to get ahead of the game to reduce the impact or, at the very least, to inform policymakers and decision-makers about the potential consequences of the actions they are considering. Prior to enacting new policies and initiatives, some government departments and organizations publish formal Requests for Information. If the RFI pertains to a topic of interest to the client, TechVision21 strongly encourages them to respond to the request and assists them in crafting their response so they can have the greatest impact on program and policy development.


What’s ahead

TechVision21 has supported a number of ground-breaking technologies during the course of its 20-year existence, including information and communications technology, broadband, renewable energy and energy efficiency, semiconductors, automotive technologies, artificial intelligence, and more.

They are quite excited about new Federal programming being implemented over the next several years. The new Administration and Congress have ambitious agendas to expand science, technology, and clean energy programs and increase Federal budgets dramatically. There is a slew of new programs under-way and on the horizon to support Federal investments in R&D, infrastructure, broadband, manufacturing, regional economic development, and workforce training, among other things. They are keeping a close eye on these developments to spot possibilities for current and future clients to leverage to their advantage and money to advance their technology and unique innovations.


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