Technology Trends

ITSM (Information Technology and System Management), is not only used to help improve the IT of an organization but also confirm the existing IT structure and operations. The evolution of trends in ITSM industry has intensified the growth of several other sectors as it is a combination of all the technologies that it eventually caters to.

To highlight a few sectors that are trends in ITSM industry are:


This revolutionary technology plays an intricate part in the growth of ITSM. IT management and ITSM solutions have been booming since the last few years due to the ability to automate previously manual activities. This not only aggravates the service but also streamlines it for speedier and better outcomes at a lower cost. To offer faster services, the demand for automation has also increased. Moreover, the introduction of autonomous automation enables the system to learn from historic data and course and deal with the issues with the help of real-time data.

Artificial Intelligence

With the increasing demand for ITSM, traditional IT automation solutions such as scripts, process-workflow automation, and third-party system orchestration is not being able to fulfil the demand any more. This in return has increased the need for AI and machine learning as they are capable of extending and enhancing automation capabilities. Most of the automation services and processes are now being connected to AI to help people get better interfacing service. Service desk management gets a lot easier with the incorporation of AI-enabled autonomous automation. No matter if it has native AI capabilities or has integrations with third-party solution providers, or newer ITSM tool vendors, AI is going to play a major role in the ITSM industry.

Digital Transformation

ITSM has played a crucial role in transforming business operations to meet the modern-day needs of digital transformation. A developed IT helps provide better customer engagement capabilities, generate new revenues, and streamline corporate back-office operations. It offers better designing, delivering, managing, supporting, while improving IT/business services. Digital transformation is vital to any business wanting to lead the market as it aids align technology. It has also helped integrate advanced technology into businesses enabling IT to provide the best of services and become a key element in operations.

Enterprise Service Management

According to the HDI’s report of ‘The State of Enterprise Service Management, 2018 states that enterprise service management has come in terms of adoption and is in accordance to the proof of benefits of ITSM. Moreover, the incorporation of digital transformation has intensified back-office transformation, increasing the demand for enterprise service management. Enterprise Service Management helps deliver automation, self-help, performance insights, and better service delivery and support in ITSM.


ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) stands as the most important weapon for the IT professionals as it enables them to evaluate and select the best possible tools amongst several tools available in the market. With the birth of new technologies every day, the pressure on IT professionals is also growing. ITIL is being the key factor in solving this problem along with boosting self-service and metrics right.

Apart from the above-mentioned points, ITSM has the opportunity to play a bigger role in the DevOps sector and might be on number one in the list in the near future.


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