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Soldiers risk their lives daily to serve the nation’s ability to provide the freedoms enjoyed by all. Military medical system plays a significant part in the country’s response to the national crisis through providing adequate medical support to the armed forces. Preserving and maintaining the health of the military is a priority task for the medical system.

Solving inadequacies and inequities with commercial care in the supply of quality medical solutions to the ever-increasing demands of our security framework of health planning is at the core of Tactical Rehabilitation goals, as is keeping pace with the growing technological innovation required to bring the best of solutions to these heroes who serve our nation. In order to fill this gap, a full-service DME company, Tactical Rehabilitation was founded by David Marr, Chairman of the Board, in 2013. Kevin MacRitchie, CEO of Tactical Rehabilitation was with the CEO Views team to share the story of how they are serving the heroes of the nation.

Inspiration and Mission

 With a vision to serve the active and retired servicemen and women of the United States Military and their families, David Marr led the foundation of Tactical Rehabilitation. The industry for far too long had focused on the low-cost products and services for the world’s greatest heroes. David saw the inadequacies in treatment and equipment reported in the military healthcare system and could no longer stand the situation. He raised the bar to combat complacencies and created Tactical Rehabilitation.

Tactical Rehabilitation’s inspiring and powerful mission from the onset has been to provide the highest quality products and the highest level of service to the country’s active-duty military service members, veterans, and their families.

Role of Innovation

Innovation has been the key element for Tactical Rehabilistation’s long-term success in the industry. The dedicated, certified, and licensed team of leaders have devoted their lives to providing the highest quality of care, and this has been possible due to the innovation that they brought into their work. Speaking about the same, Kevin shared, “The creation of the company was an innovation in itself. In an ever-changing landscape driven by technology. It is essential that we lead the way in terms of best practices and improve our product line to serve every need of our patients. We are constantly evaluating our offerings and identifying opportunities for process and product improvements. Our partners and vendors collaborate with us through use of innovative technologies that boost the performance allowing us to provide more time for each patient, maximizing patient time and care while ever improving our operational efficiencies.”

Highest quality products to serve the nation’s heroes.

Tactical Rehabilitation prides itself in partnering and providing the highest quality durable medical products to the patients. All their products are battle tested to withstand the extremities of conditions and are used by service members deployed throughout the world. The robust range of products are developed maintaining critical design parameters to determine the optimal level of control factors, serving every need of their patients. From custom orthotics to transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, the company offers a plethora of products, service and solutions with a particular focus and expertise in musculoskeletal, biomechanical, non-pharmaceutical pain relief and parasomnia solutions. With each product, the company strives to ensure the same level of commitment and durability that the heroes on the battlefield do daily.

Cutting-edge technology for better patient experience

Tactical Rehabilitation leverages the best in technology and employs the most current developments to design and bring in the best healthcare solutions. The company continues to upgrade its operational and informational system to continue to improve the patient experience with the best quality products and services. They use Mass 3D technology to scan and make 3-dimensional models of their patient’s custom-fabricated product needs. This allows them in seconds to transmit a 3-D rendition to the producer and begin the process of 3-D printing, accelerating the time for patients to be properly served and begin their healing and recovery process and enabling them to return to “Service Ready” status sooner.

Using custom 3D imaging technology, they design and manufacture, with their partner Sole Supports, custom fit orthotics, the only orthotics that are truly calibrated to the weight, forefoot flexibility and activity level of the individual using MASS Posture Theory that makes it the most effective product in the market.

In product design, the company leverages the best in innovation, research, and technology to develop the first-of-its-kind TENS unit. The multifunction electrotherapy offers patients 3 modalities in 1 highly customizable, ergonomic design. This newer TENS unit supplants its previous workhorse products into a single unit solving space needs for patients and reducing the costs of non-pharmaceutical pain management.

With Tactical Rehabilitation’s partner betweenMD, they continue to lead the market as they develop, test, and battle-test new solutions that offer better pain management, healing, and Musculo-skeletal solutions. Several innovative solutions and ideas are in the works that Tacti- cal Rehabilitation hopes to bring to market ensuring even better care for our men and women in uniform.

Sustaining the challenges

 The difficult conditions and peak of extremities in which service men and women work to serve the nation is itself a daunting challenge. Be it the battlefield, training, or infrastructure and support entities, the US Military works in ultimate conditions. Kevin shared, “We have thus made it our mission to provide each serviceman and women the absolute best through our efforts to bring the best solutions and products through the most highly trained staff in the industry to ensure the ‘Service Ready’ status of the ones who risk their lives to serve our nation.”

Road Ahead

With a vision to extend their services to more patients, Kevin plans to expand their product portfolio by bringing their innovation and expertise to enhance patient experience through additional partnerships that span a far greater access and reach to new solutions that might otherwise be unable to reach these heroes. Adding more to that Kevin shared, “We routinely introduce new products and solutions, as well as upgrade our existing products, keeping in mind the ever-changing needs of our patients and providers. It won’t take long to hear of another new or upgraded solution coming from Tactical Rehabilitation.” His focus is to serve patients in every possible way providing the same quality ‘Tactical Experience’ to each and every patient that visits them.

Tactical Rehabilitation appreciates the opportunity to honourably serve our nation’s greatest heroes and contribute their ever-increasing quality of life.

Kevin concluded our interview with the following “Tactical Rehabilitation appreciates the opportunity to honourably serve our nation’s greatest heroes and contribute their ever increasing quality of life.”

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