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When a soldier is sent to the battlefield and sustains any injuries, it becomes a priority task for the US military to save and restore their lives. However, to preserve this lifesaving capability, the military must also sustain advanced medical devices in the area of operations and have incredible partners that are. With them every step of the way.

Medical material is a complex commodity. To keep pace with advancements in civilian health care, the military often leverages commercially available products that must be modified for a battlefield environment. Companies like Tactical Rehabilitation have been simplifying this process by providing the best possible medical equipment that can easily sustain battlefield environments and serve the purpose.

Kevin MacRitchie, CEO of Tactical Rehabilitation, was with the CEOViews team to share their story on how they are making a difference in the life of soldiers and veterans.

Inspiration and mission

Tactical Rehabilitation’s mission has been to provide the best quality, best products, best service, and most certified professionals to address the healthcare needs of the military, protecting our freedom. This is innovation in itself, as the industry has for far too long focused on lowest-cost products and least-cost services for the world’s greatest heroes. David Marr, the founder of Tactical Rehabilitation, could no longer stand it and established the organization to combat the norm of complacency and innovate the industry to improve the quality of care for those that need it most – the heroes that serve military needs daily.

Tactical Rehabilitation was found to address this specific need and has stood steadfast with our military to ensure their ability to conduct the needs of freedom around the globe.

Journey into making soldiers’ life better

Tactical Rehabilitation has been providing the best possible quality and durability to military personnel sine 2013. All this has been possible due to the innovation that they brought into their work. Speaking about the same, Kevin said, “Our journey has been amazing. We are proud of our team members and the innovation they bring to our business daily. While sometimes small changes may not seem like a lot, each positive change makes the Tactical Rehabilitation Experience a better one every day.”

The creation of our company was an innovation in itself. Challenging the norm of complacency and figuring out how to cover the additional costs of better products in an environment with some of the industry’s lowest-paying healthcare reimbursements. But we did it through highly trained team members and a relentless focus on operational efficiencies and the best patient care coupled with quality education for our doctors. Our partners and solution providers work with us in digital technologies as well that boost our joint performance allowing us more time for each patient and less time for back-end processes. It’s all about maximizing the care for our patients and the efficiencies of doing so.

Maintaining the quality of products

Tactical rehabilitation has rigorous testing and review of every product they bring to market with their partners, doctors, patients, and employees. With each new product and service, they strive to ensure they reach the level of “Battle Tested” to ensure those that would go to battle and risk their lives for our freedoms have products that can meet the same level of commitment the heroes they serve do daily.

Technology and methodology

Tactical Rehabilitation is a purpose-driven organization and team. Their purpose is to continuously improve and provide the best products, solutions, and services coupled with the most certified and top-rated team in the industry. Their people are available to doctors and patients through anything and everything, never missing a day during COVID and looking forward daily to serving their medical needs. Technology is their “unseen partner” to employees and processes and is critical to their ongoing success plan.

Their goal is always to use the right technology to improve processes, shorten the time to delivery for custom-manufactured products, and enhance patient intake and processing. All of this is designed to optimize time with their patients and seek the best possible solutions with patients and doctors for every need. In all cases, they design systems and tools for maximum efficiency and around-the-clock availability to best serve patients.


Entering a healthcare business is a daunting experience. Speaking about the challenges that they faced, Kevin said, Growth as a result of our ongoing requests to work on new bases, in new states, and in new countries supporting servicemen and women in need. Our Growth continues to be high and to the right due to our absolute focus on the “Tactical Rehab Experience.” Balancing the right pace of Growth, the pace at which we can add new quality people and train them, and the rate for which we can ensure supply line availability, along with the financial goals we have to sustain our team and to ensure we can under-commit and over deliver… all of this is very important to us.

Tactical Rehabilitation has been providing the best possible quality and durability to military personnel sine 2013.

Maintaining balance for our people is critically important for quality of life for our team members. Bubba, the owner of Chick-Fil-A and good friend, ensures all employees always get Sunday off as he has all restaurants closed to celebrate their blessings. For our people to remain happy, we must both challenge them and create new opportunities for them to grow as the company grows. We must also ensure they take time off and balance their work life and personal life. To that end, we have teams focused on morale along with our HR team that reminds our team to take time off and enjoy family and personal time so they can be refreshed and guarantee that the “Tactical Rehab Experience” is always amazing.

Perfecting the production

Tactical Rehabilitation uses a technology called Mass 3D, which allows them to scan and make 3-dimensional models of their patient’s custom-fabricated product needs. This allows them in seconds to transmit a 3-D rendition to the manufacturer and begin the first step in 3-D printing, reducing time to final product-to-patient by days and sometimes weeks, depending on location.

They maximize patient time with patient care specialists through effective operations and processes so they can consult and advise their patients on the best use of each product. They also utilize their Business Development Team to educate doctors on what products are available and coming to market, empowering them to make the best possible treatment options for their patients. All their team members must acquire and retain industry and additional company-required certifications along with continuing education ensuring their people are the most knowledgeable and the best for patient care.

There are so many new technologies that can make a positive difference to our patients, both in the quality of products based on new bio-mechanical and Musculoskeletal enhancements to enhanced parasomnia understanding, it would be hard to pick one or two. Rather, the management at Tactical Rehabilitation continues to scan the market for improvements that fit their patients and work with investors and product solution providers to be the best solutions to market for the patient’s needs in order they can maintain their “Service Ready” status.

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