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Keeping pace with the global market trends and technological advancements, supply chains are looking for ways to improve sustainability by tailoring to suit individual client needs. Transportation and logistics operations remain a significant force in supply chain management with an accurate, quick and strategic approach streamlining the management process. Supply Chain Solutions is a logistics sourcing, management and consulting company that is a leader in creating value-added services to businesses across a vast array of industries. With sophistication, expertise, and technology it acts as an extension of the logistic arms of their clients. Josh Halgrimson, President & CEO of Supply Chain Solutions. Corp in a conversation with the CEOViews team shared details on how they strive for sustainable business growth

Story of Inception and Mission

Traditionally, the transportation and logistics industry is heavily focused on transactional-based offerings. Effective transportation management is often the competitive differentiator and requires a well-plotted strategy. The business proposition of Supply Chain Solutions is simply a different go-to-market strategy having a two-pronged approach. It addresses not only hard dollar savings but likewise puts an emphasis on soft dollar end.

Josh believes that a well-developed logistic strategy, supported by SOP’s and KPI’s can not only obtain short-term goals, but can create streamlined efficiencies and opportunities for sustainable and continual improvement. The company also focuses on data analysis to better understand the need and to formulate strategies accordingly. “With good data, you can make good decisions”, says Josh Halgrimson.


For Josh, the journey was simply about going to the market with a different offering that focuses on providing a better client experience and not just only moving one’s shipments. Traditionally, the sales process is somewhat disingenuous where the seller pushes the consumers for products that they might not need. For Supply Chain Solutions, it is a genuine process where they work to develop concepts and methods based on each individual client need through a consultative approach.

Supply Chain Solutions works with clients to deeply analyse their supply chains to identify inefficiencies.

Josh said, “Our focus is not only on what we can achieve today, but on a sustainable continual improvement process. Companies don’t simply hire us to move their freight, but task us to make them better. With the combination of technology and the expertise of our associates, we better understand the client’s supply chain and collect relatable data to make better decisions.

Idea of Innovation

Supply Chain Solutions works with clients to deeply analyse their supply chains to identify inefficiencies. After collecting a baseline of data, new strategies are developed that streamline systems and internal processes that help to enhance the services with maximising revenue.

The transportation management solution is designed to meet specific needs of the client. Through the discovery phase, Supply Chain Solutions is able to identify areas of need along with additional opportunities that help drive the needle for the client. Supply Chain Solutions leverages their state-of-the-art technology to provide the client with the visibility and reporting they need to truly understand their spend.

It not only helps in developing key performance indicators for the clients, but also practices what is preached. Each department from Business Development, Operations, Customer Service to Finance and Accounting has their daily and monthly KPIs on boards, visible to all for tracking the matrix of the success. Accomplishing regular internal KPIs translates to a quality customer service. Collaborative engagement and the urge for doing better, drives the company to obtain new heights. It heavily focuses on KPI and SOP development and makes sure to keep pace with internal expectations.

Standing out from peers

Through research and development from training, seminars, trade shows to executive associations, Supply Chain Solutions strongly focuses on continual improvement. Adding to that, Josh shared, “Our industry is heavily transaction based, asking for RFPs. But our focus is our clients and we look for developing a supply chain strategy that fosters continual improvement with improved visibility and better strategies that will not only drive hard dollar savings but also soft dollar savings. Many logistics providers hire employees and provide minimal training which translates into the customer experience. We put a strong focus on the individuals we hire, it’s a strategic approach. We want to make sure they are a fit for us but likewise that we area fit for them. I prefer quality over quantity and this helps to create a good internal work environment. Our overall turnover is less than 5% company-wide over the last two years.”


Josh feels that because they are not focused on transaction-based model, they do not experience similar issues on capacity and buying pressures that other logistic providers go through. He said, “Yes, depending on the market will dictate some possible pivots on strategies, but because of our model we do not experience similar challenges of the transitional logistics provider.”

Future Vision

For a sustainable business growth, expansion is a major consideration. Proper scaling and reach can catapult a business to success. Supply Chain Solutions has set their sight on expansion and opened a new office in Chattanooga TN, which was operational as of February 1. They have a goal of 5 new offices in 5 years, all while being strategic on location and timing.

For a sustainable business growth, expansion is a major consideration.

With a simple go-to-market strategy of innovation and continual improvement via technology and expertise, Supply Chain Solutions constantly strives to develop a strategic procurement process through enhanced KPIs, SOPs and data analysis. It offers consulting services, sourcing and management for businesses of all size by understanding the intricacies, regulations and best practices involved.

Supply Chain Solutions


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