Planning to purchase a server for your company? Whether you buy a server for yourself or your company as a whole, you may be in a dilemma whether you want to go for a new server or a refurbished one. New servers are costly, so certified refurbished servers can be an excellent deal for startups, and even big businesses, particularly during the recession. Whether you’re a startup or multinational enterprise, buying refurbished servers will make significant savings. In addition to savings, refurbished servers will provide you with access to the latest and more efficient technology to help you achieve your business goals.

Listed below are a few reasons why buying upgraded servers could be the best option for you and your business before making any final commitment.

  • Secure Finances from Recession: During the economic crisis, investing a great deal of your budget will damage you more financially and put your company in trouble. When you invest in a refurbished server, there will be an excellent opportunity to procure servers at a lower cost at the enterprise level. Since you cannot regulate the financial market, you should also remember that you can monitor where your money is being spent. Buying a refurbished server can mean considerable savings on a correctly functioning device, so you get a big off on the server’s MRP. When you buy a bulk revamped server, businesses will provide you with additional discounts that will further reduce your IT investment and help you survive a recession.
  • Reasonable Startup Option for Testing Applications: If you’re a startup enterprise, trying to launch a new app, you certainly need a server to check your software. You should not risk being a startup by investing a substantial amount in a new server. Alternatively, you can purchase a refurbished server from a reliable company that offers accredited servers with a guarantee to make significant savings. The benefits of buying refurbished servers go beyond saving money; being able to run your company efficiently can be a great way forward. If you spend the same amount on a brand new server, a standard model with low-end configuration is likely to be obtained, and low to medium performance can be delivered. Buying refurbished servers helps the business to upgrade to the latest technology at the lowest price.
  • Cheapest Colocation with Refurbished Databases: Why should you use a new server to co-locate when there is a cheap and most affordable alternative in the form of fast colocation with refurbished servers? Suppose if you want to choose a colocation with a refurbished server with 20 cores, 512 GB RAM, and 10 TB storage, it only costs you about Rs.2 Lakhs, and you only have to pay Rs.10, 000 a month, which is much better than US Pricing. This is the best way to cut back on your savings. There are very few reputed providers of colocation hosting which offer secure colocation with certified refurbished servers. They will be responsible for all facets of your server, including the annual maintenance.
  • Looking For Better Technology Exposure: As a startup, having the best equipment with the latest technology is very important to be competitive and to be one step ahead of others in the market. You can have access to the latest, top-of-the-range server brands and models in much less charge when you pick a refurbished server rather than buying a new one. So it’s best to buy refurbished as you get better technology for your money and much higher specifications. The refurbished servers come in a perfect range of options not only for startups and SMEs but also for large-scale industries. Some retailers even give you the opportunity of your favorite processors, RAM capacity, and hard drives.
  • Choose Green And Be Environmentally Sound: Before engaging with a new business or organization, consumers look at many factors, such as price points, ratings, online presence, and also the obligations and ethics of the company when moving from existing providers. Being eco-friendly is an excellent way to build a positive public image for your business, reusing the servers help reduce electronic waste. In short, the servers that have been upgraded represent a vast number of economic, social, health, and environmental benefits. Contribute by purchasing inexpensive refurbished servers to reduce e-waste and improve environmental health. Besides, if your server needs to be replaced shortly by another one, it can also be recycled for the spare parts, and the optimistic cycle continues.

A refurbished server is highly recommended for IT companies that are trying to build their IT infrastructure in a less realistic budget and be on the safer side during the recession. It’s an attractive option where you’re saving a lot of your money while at the same time getting the powerful servers set an excellent standard of performance, reliability, and serviceability. The only aspect that the customer needs to see is that they buy the server from a reputed refurbished server seller who can give them a minimum warranty period of up to 1 year. If you co-locate with the refurbished servers, you can also get rid of the high costs of new servers.


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