Special Edition 2021

IT is very fascinating to see where the world is heading. Thanks to the ever-progressing technology, all our works are now accomplished either by robots or automated with the help of AI. The daily chores are now done by the bots/machines, cars are now driving themselves, cameras do all the surveillance work and human involvement in everything is slowly going down. We humans have been making every effort to improve our way of living. While we traverse in this direction, it should be noted that we are able to provide a green, safe and secure environment to future generations.


This is where systems like Smart Cities, Smart Surveillance, Smart Engineering come into the picture. They look into the matter not just from a perspective to gain profit, but also provide value to people’s lives. The concept of conventional education is changing now and people are being made aware of skill-based education. As the global workforce is going remote, people are now willing to relocate from major cities to smart cities to be able to live happy and healthy life. Even in primitive occupations such as agriculture, there have been so many technological advancements with modern tools which have helped us make great progress.


Along with all these, technology has brought in some considerable changes in the education sector. While the pandemic shut all the education centres across the globe, it was technology that kept the transfer of knowledge happening. Teachers could co-ordinate with the students and share resources. Online learning has changed our perception of education. The same goes with corporate culture now. Employers are now more willing to trust their employees are getting the work done from remote teams.


As we enjoy the privileges granted by advancing technology, sustainability of development comes under question. According to many, the nature and extent of development the human society has experienced by now are heading towards crises in future. So, it becomes important for us to focus on ensuring sustainable growth.


While technology does its magic, we will continue to bring that tech and its innovators to you. In this edition of CEO Views, we bring you various organizations that are creating a buzz in the Education, Technology and Sustainable Development sectors.