Doug Turtz, Chief Revenue Officer

From a 25+ year leading technology advisory company emerged the global technology startup, Sitehands. Their mission: define the next generation of IT field services. As they examined the emerging trends across enterprise companies, Sitehands’ Leadership Team noticed the existing gaps, fragmentation, inefficiencies and complexity across the IT field services space. Three years later, Sitehands has rapidly evolved from primarily serving an enterprise customer base to serving companies across all verticals and size, including the world’s largest Financial Institutions, retail stores and telecommunication companies. This growth continued to the SMB market, such as law firms and every day businesses. Their clients engage with Sitehands in a variety of ways. Including on-demand services, which enables clients to receive a technician onsite within hours of submitting a request project/program work across one or multiple locations and in a portfolio capacity, where they currently have the world’s largest Fortune 500 customers using Sitehands throughout their entire global footprint.

Today, Sitehands has a presence in 100+ countries with a global network of 20,000+ deeply vetted, certified technicians and they are growing every day. Their vast and trusted technician community enables them to provide local technicians to clients in need of everyday, unplanned and/or large IT infrastructure work. Examples include: AV, network transformation, end-user compute, retail POS, IoT, desktop support, data center projects, PC refresh, Windows upgrades and more. All work is managed on the Sitehands Platform and coordinated through Sitehands’ 24x7x365 Service Operations Center (SOC) where they oversee, curate and guarantee quality execution from initial setup to completion.

“All technicians are localized to the client site, vetted, certified, follow a standardized methodology to deliver services and managed every step of the way through our 24x7x365 SOC, enabling us to guarantee the job outcome and satisfaction every time,” says Doug Turtz, CRO of Sitehands. “At Sitehands, we are delivering and enhancing a model that truly defines what it means to “own the outcome” with accountability and transparency at every stage, of every transaction.”

According to Sitehands, the IT field services market was in desperate need of a transformation. When in need of IT field services, they were forced to buy a legacy model that was fragmented, costly and complex, causing the simplest of projects to run behind schedule, over budget and lack consistent delivery quality. With the launch of Sitehands, they unleashed the power of platform technology and consumption-based economics to deliver scalable and standardized IT field service support at any site, in any location. Sitehands’ marketplace model ensures customers receive optimal pricing based on supply and demand-based market pricing. The Sitehands Platform then provides clients with real-time transparency into field activity as its happening, including pricing, project status and performance reporting. The outcome is a white glove, predictable and consistent service which is Sitehands’ biggest differentiator.

“Many companies claim they “own the outcome,” but often our clients find these companies just place a tech at a site and step away. At Sitehands, we live by a radical new philosophy on how accountability should be delivered and disclosed to our customers,” says Guy Tallent, Sitehands’ VP of Product and Community Development. “At the core, accountability combines obligation to perform, accepting responsibility for the outcome of the performance, and ultimately, a disclosure of results in a transparent manner. It is a simple, yet necessary philosophy that sets Sitehands’ culture apart from other companies.”

Sitehands credits its tremendous growth and success to the passion that the 150+ employees worldwide bring to the office every day.


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