Security Solution 2018

The new age technologies such as cloud, mobility, IoT, have inadvertently made enterprises to rethink and devise novel approaches to combat threats and attacks. This has also compelled enterprises to hold and drive cyber security as a critical part of their strategy. Cyber attacks however are getting sophisticated with each passing day, and organisations need to also continually update and reform their approach to be a step ahead.


Ransomware, data attacks, DDos threats on IoT enabled devices are now fast spreading. Though very conception of connectivity that IoT brings to organisations’ advantage, attacks such as DDos can cause a great damage leading to hampering the functioning of enterprises. Various click for gain links are vast spreading, leading to phishing threats. Enterprises and users easily fall victim to clickable links emerging in the form of attractive emails. In order for enterprises to know and combat such potential threats, they need to strategize to prevent rather than counter after impact and drive cyber security as an integral part of their operations and functioning.


The CEO Views, keeping in mind the seriousness and potent of such effective threats has identified few such organisations who are not only proficient, but are also putting relentless efforts to devise new solutions while being adoptive of innovative strategies to combat and prevent such adversities. Below is the list of the “top 10 firms” offering efficient, effective solutions in the area of security.


Dug Song,

CEO & Co-Founder

Duo Security’s innovative authentication solutions and trusted access platform provide organizations helps organizations averse breaches and external threats effectively

Dario Forte


A pioneer in security orchestration, threat hunting, threat containment solutions

Michael DeCesare

CEO & President

A provider of network security solutions with an agentless approach to address the explosive growth of mobile, IoT, and cloud

Rob Bearder


A leading provider of enterprise-ready open data platforms and applications delivering actionable intelligence to organizations worldwide

Sean Barr


Lookingpoint specializes in offering advanced IT infrastructure and in the design, managing, and implementation of advanced IT solutions

Dennis Monner


A provider of cloud-based security solutions offering end to end, real-time protection to meet the advanced future challenges.

Gidi Cohen

CEO & Founder

A leading provider of cybersecurity management software and solutions across complex networks enabling enterprises reduce the risk of threats and unpatched vulnerabilities

Jason Oberg

CEO & Co-Founder

A provider of CPU security solutions along with specializing in delivering expertise, tools, and technologies to help facilitate the development of secure hardware

Lior Frenkel

CEO & Co-Founder

A provider of security solutions specializing in the protection of critical infrastructure and industrial control systems from remote threats

Jay Chaudhry

CEO & Founder

Zscaler helps organizations easily transform their networks in the mobile first and cloud first environments in a secure manner