There is no surprise that cloud has taken over the technology industry by storm. Not only are organisations relishing in the benefits such as low cost of ownership that cloud brings to their advantage, but also the flexibility and scalability they can avail through its adoption. “The trend we see today is that more organisations are making that shift to the cloud”, claims Dennis Monner, CEO, Secucloud. “There is a huge responsibility upon companies such as ours to meet the today´s challenge to provide high level of protection in real-time”, he adds. Secucloud is one such firm that is up for that big shift.

Secucloud’s evolution from Gateprotect (Rohde & Schwarz Cyber Security) in the early 2000s, has been massive. In starting up the company providing appliance based Unified Threat Management solutions for small enterprises, Dennis Monner envisioned that cloud technology would be the way to go forward. Through the inception of Secucloud with the intention of developing a software product from scratch, that is purely cloud based and runs across a virtual environment, this has now become a reality. “The entire idea to set up Secucloud in 2013 was to go directly into the cloud environment, away from appliances, and we made a fast move to get ahead of the competition”, Dennis says.

Solution for TELCOs and ISPs

Secucloud today has lined up a number of products that are changing the way organisations work in terms of managing cyber security. Secucloud´s suite of products are a compelling addition to Telecommunication and the Internet Service Providers businesses. TELCOs and ISPs are continually challenged with increased usage of mobile internet, with the surging number of installations of intelligent devices (IoT), and the adoption of advanced infrastructure suites. With all of the above increasing at a rampant pace, the alarming need of security cannot be ignored, as attacks and threats become ever more complex and harder to understand. These challenges cannot be answered by traditional security solutions. The difference that Secucloud offers is the coupling of a centrally-controlled, modular cloud security service with a global security cloud infrastructure which the company calls the Elastic Cloud Security System (ECS2). This enables TELCOS and the ISPs to protect the entire data stream of all their subscriber´s devices, irrespective of operating systems, mobile, fixed-line or IoT, without having to add or install any application or software. In short, a powerful, scalable solution that ensures total security in real-time, whilst being capable of handling large volumes of data of well over 100 Million subscribers. “Our software scans and filters the internet traffic, so if there are any threats from the internet that attack the subscriber’s device such as a cell phone, that threat is detected in the network before it actually hits the cell phone. So, the solution detects and warns the user before the potentially affected site is entered”, explains Dennis.

The ECS2 solution is unique in that it also protects the user in WiFi networks so as to not to expose users to threats in public networks. Dennis adds “with our Software Development Kit (SDK) the TELCOs can incorporate our security features into their own customer care apps giving their subscribers more leverage over their device security”. Subscribing to the service is a pinch of salt for the user. Secucloud´s One-Click marketing solution instantly provisions the user when they simply tap on a button on their screen. The protection is instantly activated in either trial or subscription mode by their carrier. “And they do not have to install, configure or update anything”, Dennis affirms.

Secuscaler – The new innovative FaaS asset

Seucloud’s latest prized asset is their solution designed for the SME base, Secuscaler. Offered as a SaaS interface, Secuscaler is a cloud Firewall-as-a-Service solution that enables management, monitoring, protecting, authenticating and data securing of endpoint devices, computer networks and servers. Aimed at catering to SMEs, the software enables the scanning of network traffic without the need of any external software application installation on the end user’s device.

Secucloud’s Secuscaler is a massive opportunity for small businesses given the enterprise level of security features it offers, which to date only large firms could afford and manage. This now enables the spread of enterprise level security to a larger economy segment. Delivered as a SaaS, Secuscaler does not require any administration by the end user. The necessary support is provided through remote monitoring. “Secuscaler utilizes all the performance and cost benefits of cloud technology and we pass these onto the customer” Dennis points out.

Secucloud has big plans going forward. Secuscaler will extend its availability to SD-WAN networks and enable SMEs to garner enhanced security availability across their regional sites. Secucloud aims to add machine learning and AI-functionality to its products and so boost the intelligence and relevance both in the provision of security and also within its One-Click marketing tool that facilitates the TELCOs subscriber growth in their security services. “These types of services and products were limited to larger companies over the past years. We are now making these available to a much larger audience, both in the consumer and the SME markets”, Dennis points out.



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