Advancement in technology has reshaped the face of sales. The sales game has taken a leap ahead with the shift in business landscape, making healthcare sales industry an increasingly exciting sector to expand on. Keeping patient’s needs at the core, patient centricity is continuing to be the focus for medical sales. So, pharmaceutical manufacturers must factor in patients at every step of their process. To drive sales, the representatives need to have a clear insight into the product as well as on the patient’s journey. Salelytics fills the gap in the business and helps them navigate through an uncharted sales environment.

Salelytics partners with the healthcare manufacturers to empower patients to be active participants in their own care.

A leading provider of inside sales, account management and inbound support services, Salelytics combines decades of experience and superior sales methodologies with advanced technology to drive revenue generation via Inside Sales and Patient Centric solutions. Scott Krueger, President of Salelytics was with the CEOViews team to share details on how they are accelerating business growth for clients.

with in-house, custom-developed tools made for part of the secret sauce that ensures successful delivery to their customers. While Patient Centric Support, Team Sell, Full Account Management, Sole Territory Coverage, and Funnel Development represent their core offerings, they can often be paired with a highly personalized technology stack. Salelytics helps clients launch

Story of inception and mission

Salelytics began in 1988 as a firm focused on helping consumer packaged goods manufacturers grow their small to mid-sized retail customers in a direct sales model. Over the years, the organization expanded into healthcare solutions to support medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers, as well as the fortune 500 arena to conduct B2B sales. The Salelytics’ mission continues to be developing customized sales models at the right cost of sales. The firm helps their client partners grow while maintaining high brand integrity in the market.


At Salelytics, the journey has been about accelerating business growth. Since the business landscape shifted in 2020, Salelytics has taken a market-leading position in healthcare sales and support. The organization’s unique offerings, which focus on revenue generation and brand enhancement via Inside Sales and Patient Centric solutions, help their clients thrive. While other companies have capabilities to help with one or the other business need, Salelytics supports providers and patients on both sides of the healthcare equation.

Bringing innovation to the market

Since its origin, Salelytics believed that combining best-in-class vended sales enablement solutions with in-house, custom-developed tools made for part of the secret sauce that ensures successful delivery to their customers. While Patient Centric Sup- port, Team Sell, Full Account Manage- ment, Sole Territory Coverage, and Funnel Development represent their core offerings, they can often be paired with a highly personalized technology stack. Salelytics helps clients launch the tech process and supports it from start to finish. Alternatively, the firm integrates specific tools (CRM as an example) that a client already uses into the Salelytics process to achieve the best of both worlds.

Interpersonal approach

Education and empathy in each patient interaction remains key. This interpersonal approach to patient interaction is paramount and ensures that each patient is met where they are at in their journey and receives support that is customized to them. The end goal is to give the patient confidence to not just seek out treatment (if that is the appropriate next step), but to have a meaningful conversation with their physician about their own care plan.

Salelytics implements data analytics and innovative technology to optimize results. Their approach to the Client Life Cycle ties process and technology together to develop solutions that ensure success and longevity.

Patient care initiatives

While Salelytics covers a range of solutions, a common application is centralizing patient inquiries from a client’s website, online survey, or inbound 800 numbers. Often these inquiries are about qualification and next steps. In many cases, Salelytics will help patients navigate this journey and schedule appointments directly with treating physicians once ready. For clients serving medically complex patients, Salelytics will also deploy Clinical Reps (i.e., RNs, Dieticians, etc.) to help patients feel more comfortable in whatever step is next.


What shapes a company’s success is not the services they offer or the intentions they have. It’s the people who carry out the vision. That is what Salelytics believes. The Salelytics healthcare operational leadership team is highly tenured, brings together a broad experience pool, and are some of the most creative problem solvers in the industry.

Dedicated and passionate are two words used often to describe the culture at the firm. Salelytics prides itself on identifying talented individuals with strong professionalism and a mindset of good work ethic.

Sustaining challenges

Challenges are an integral part of any business. Every client’s needs are unique and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. While that certainly creates challenges to implementation, it is also one of the most fun and rewarding parts of the job for many on the Salelytics’ team. They thrive on understanding through curious based questioning. Overall, this approach helps to evolve and iterate the Salelytics strategy while collaboratively solving business problems with partners.

Future steps

2023 is a year of growth in the Patient Centric space for Salelytics. Speaking about their future vision, Scott said, “The organization is hosting the first ever ‘Patient DTC (direct to consumer) Healthcare Summit.’ In this event, key partners and prospective clients will be brought together in a forum of idea and best practice sharing. We see this as an opportunity providing even more value and consultation in how to manage the process with this initiative.”

It is a complex balance to ensure that sensitive, healthcare-related conversations are handled effectively, all while also caring for the client’s brand. Not to mention the financial goals and responsibilities to ensure the investment in Salelytics’ services as prudent. The 35 years of experience Salelytics has with operating dynamics specifically tied to the nuances of patient health is truly one of a kind. Client satisfaction reflects business health and Salelytics measure their success by the client’s success. If the client wins, Salelytics wins.

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