While cyber threats, security and intelligence risks are constantly evolving, Praesidio Group continues to work from the forefront of data safety and technology protection, delivering world class and crucial security, intelligence and cyber preventive and protective solutions.

Praesidio Group works cross-sector, cross-border and cross-crime, and while the security and intelligence sector is constantly developing and changing, the core remains the same: preparedness, knowledge, aware- ness, confidentiality – and protection.

The word Praesidio means to protect, and that is the foundation of Praesidio Group, founded in 2012 by Risk Mitigation and Security Specialist Susanne Skov Diemer, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The company is driven by duty and a mind-set and knowledge combining the know-how and experience of key parts of security, intelligence, investigations, risk, and crisis management. Constantly honouring confidentiality, trust and discretion and focusing on risk and threat knowledge and preparedness, Praesidio Group has gained a remarkable client base at the top level in the corporate, public & private sectors across the world.

The founder and CEO, Susanne Skov Diemer, serves as security and intelligence expert within both the governmental, private, public, and corporate sectors, organizations, and communities. She is an expert on the Advisory Committee for the European Forum for Urban Security (EFUS) – the only European network of local and regional authorities dedicated to urban security, bringing together 250 cities and regions from 16 countries. She also services as senior advisor globally as well as on selected advisory boards across sectors and the world. She is the recipient of various U.S. government awards for her extraordinary work during her time with the U.S. Department of State, Diplomatic Security.

Praesidio Group has a global network of associates and partners with experienced capabilities to meet complete security or discreet due diligence requirements. Being a security specialist is not a profession but a way of life. With access to knowledge and awareness that the general public does not, the Praesidio team knows what risks are real, likely and how to best prepare for and mitigate against them. It is their mission and causes to protect by preparing as many people as possible. That is the core and foundation of Praesidio Group. The organization deals with life and death, under and on the radar.

Serving federal and governmental establishments is not only a challenge but also a great honour and responsibility. It is based on a unique, high-level experience and expertise, trust, and highly trained skill set and track record.

Reality often surpasses what you see in fiction and as a security specialist company Praesidio Group is the voice of the inconvenient truth. There are endless and constant criminal activities happening and relentlessly evolving terrorist planning, cyber-attacks, espionage, etc. The key is awareness and preparation to have a backup plan for the backup plan, to be alert, to continuously and persistently minimize risks, to prepare and protect, and to share the inconvenient truth.

In order to contribute and minimize risks to the maximum, the company is constantly engaging and participating in network groups, cross-border and cross-sector collaborations, delivering articles, reports, books, workshops and speeches. Praesidio Group engages with clients, collaborators, and others to serve and to meet its foundation – to protect.

To further contribute, serve and prepare more people, Susanne Skov Diemer has published the book “Your Urban CRISIS SURVIVAL PLANNER”.

The book gathers 25 years of expertise and experience mixed with personal anecdotes and food for thought and tools for preparedness. The purpose of the book is to democratize and share important crisis and preparedness knowledge normally reserved for clients only; governments, large companies, and high-wealth individuals. The book essentially prepares people to take responsibility for themselves, their loved ones, their society, and their country. The first version of the book, was a Danish bestseller and it is now available in an international version with planner pages.

Security and intelligence is not just a profession, but a way of life. A mission. Having access to knowledge and awareness the general public doesn’t. On-going crisis, disaster and emergency preparedness is a duty for life and the core and foundation of Praesidio Group.

In security, a close collaboration between governments, the private sector, and the public is crucial. It is the nature of security. The world of security crosses borders, boundaries, and sectors. Security is about people and only by including people, can you protect your company’s know how, confidential information, turnover, and future. It is all about prevention, protection and people. It is about awareness and joining efforts to meet challenges. On the contrary, the impact of hiring and collaborating with the wrong person or partner can have severe consequences. Not only can it compromise the team, management, business, and production, it can ultimately affect profitability.

On and under the radar. To daily prepare and protect globally.


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