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Around  2000,  much as in  Silicon  Valley, Japan’s leading players in the industry shift-ed. Simultaneously, the Japanese market’s uniqueness has made Japan less appealing to companies with global operations. Companies in South Korea and Taiwan have made new acquisitions, worldwide business penetration, and development for the global market. Not only is China a phenomenon close to that of South Korea and Taiwan, but China has also grown its industry in its vast market. This has led to many Asia-Pacific headquarters functions being located outside of Japan in Korea, Taiwan, and China. “So, we started in Japan and other Asia Pacific companies as a start-up and consulting company for international companies. But what global corporations have come to expect of us is an agency or partner partnership. Since the company’s founding, we have been an agency or partner,” said Shoichi Kudo, CEO & COO of Positive One Corporation.

“It’s our career, our experience, and our track record. We have worked and gained experience in embedded systems as the number one company in the industry. You know that development and manufacturing are not a world that can be automated. It’s a world where experience and added value go up in proportion. This makes the ideas of manufacturers and service providers more concrete to work by us,” he added. Positive One Corporation’s services include project management, electronic design, industrial design, prototyping, and manufacturing. It is an IT consultant company well-known to have strong project management and business start-up skills in Japan and Asia.

The organization provides consulting services to help create Japanese clients’ services and in a turbulent market environment. The organization supported the now commonplace IoT with business model setup, technical research, hardware and software specification and development, and service. This has turned into a lot of experience, knowledge, and confidence. Positive One Corporation has become a company capable of providing trading functions, consulting, development, and manufacturing solutions. In particular, being involved in mobile communications such as 4G, industrial equipment, automotive, and medical has given the organization the ability to complement some or all of its global platforms.

Positive One has been involved in developing high-performance products for wireless to wired communication in industrial equipment, network equipment, medical equipment, automotive equipment, etc. Experience of system integration development of high-performance equipment such as next-generation edge computers and next-generation IoT terminals was the driving force; It was decided to create an architecture with this latest patent. Besides, while focusing on consulting and system integration services such as edge computers related to 5G and 6G mobile services and technologies related to small IoT terminal design, we aim for PoC (Proof of Concept) and product development in cooperation with co-creation partners and CVC (Corporate Venture Capital).

The organization believes that technology, such as hardware and firmware, is vital, even in new markets. IoT tends to focus on the cloud and the services involved in the IoT-connected cloud and services and neglect the hardware and firmware technologies. But the truth is that IoT, 5G, etc., are essential for how embedded technologies are used. A company that can think about the whole system and is well versed in embedded technology is always necessary. Positive One’s goal is to become a departmental team that can take full advantage of IoT and 5G development capabilities through business partnerships and development with companies that provide cloud and IoT services so that one can develop its business together.

People who are considered super engineers like to create specifications based on their knowledge. But the company’s added value is its ability to make holistic decisions about business models, costs, and specifications. Based on that, the organization creates both hardware and software requirements. This is a value-added proposition that can only be achieved by an entrepreneur with a background in manufacturing. Positive One Corporation is the only company capable of commercializing its customers’ ideas and services.

Positive One Corporation has been recognized as one of the 50 Best Companies of the year. To build its mark in the industry, the organization has built an ecosystem that creates the right people and partners in the right places to keep up with the speed of innovation and the market. An old-fashioned organization cannot cope with different technologies. Therefore, in-house engineers are primarily research and system architects, while the development itself attaches the right engineers in the right places, in-house or outsourced. This can increase the division of labor and speed. This ecosystem allows the organization to achieve speed and cost performance and create added value for the marketplace.

Positive One Corporation has worked with several industries of different sizes, and while working with those organizations, many challenges came into the scenario. Many technologies are the accumulation of existing technologies. Simply putting together, innovations do not allow poor performance or use-case technology to be realized. So the important thing is to make the business model, the case of use, and the system’s architecture that goes with it. Build a block diagram if it is hardware. The organization creates sequence diagrams in UML if it is software. Imports are the collaborative process of integrating technology with business models and application cases. The professionals of the organization think ideas together with the client and drop them down to requirements specifications. This process can make innovation for clients.

Positive One Corporation is in consulting, specialized semiconductor-related trading companies, system integration, and ODM. The organization has investigated and pursued the feasibility of anything that was consulted on. “Being experts in the embedded industry, we have more niche knowledge and experience than the so-called IT world. And we are constantly evolving as we investigate and learn new technologies. That’s what differentiates us from other companies. Simultaneously, where we are weak, we try to do team building with our partners and new colleagues. We are looking to learn and to be strong,” he added.

Positive One has been involved in develop-ing high-performance products for wireless to wired communication in industrial equipment, network equipment, medical equipment, automotive equipment, etc.

In terms of technological advancements, Positive One Corporation has several patents this year. Next year, the organization will aim to commercialize and materialize them. The electronics sector is developing at a remarkable pace. New technology trends are an essential part of new projects and new customer wins. New technology trends do not always translate into business. However, the organization has always understood the market trends and won business with a higher angle than doing a semiconductor-related trading company.

Positive One Corporation works with a wide range of companies, from start-ups to large corporations that want to turn their ideas into reality. Its core strength is in industrial hardware design. The organization follows the CPU and FPGA roadmap of the semiconductor manufacturers. They will be developed in line with new technologies and markets. The organization uses the cores (semiconductors) to develop boards and software. One may see a seemingly simple roadmap. But the organization will focus on that part because quality and commercialization are not simple.


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