As residential, commercial, and industrial construction have been seeing a rise in its activity recently, the lighting industry is one space that has seen a rise in demand grow correspondingly. According to reports, global demand for lighting fixtures is forecast to grow at a CAGR of about 14% through 2025. North America and Europe collectively account for about half of the global lighting fixtures market. However, high growth is expected to come from the APAC region. Catering to a part of this market is Pierlite who is capitalising on its pedigree position and bringing innovative solutions to this fast-paced industry.


Established over 70 years ago, Pierlite has evolved to become one of Australia and New Zealand’s oldest as well as largest lighting technology brands. Its 70-year history is a testament to its strong relationships, commitment to continuous product innovation, and world-class local engineering, manufacturing, and assembly capabilities in the region. Technology changes tend to be fast-paced in the lighting industry, and Pierlite is proud to be leading the innovation curve, delivering solutions that empower the region’s largest commercial, healthcare and industrial assets.

Speaking to the CEO Views team, Gus Arianto, the CEO at Pierlite went on to explain that, “In the last 18 months, the Pierlite business has undergone an important strategic repositioning to strengthen its focus on commercial, healthcare, industrial market segments and aggressively pursue Beyond Light, a business strategy focused on leveraging sensor technology, analytics, cloud computing and Internet of Things (IoT) to deliver solutions that meet ever-changing customer needs.”

Today, Pierlite is a well-connected leader, with world-class engineering, manufacturing and assembly facilities in Sydney and Auckland, sales offices in every ANZ capital city, distribution operations in Western Australia and two offices in China. It’s offering consists of 14 unique and well-respected lighting brands. These are strongly supported by a vast network of partners and component suppliers.

Tailored solutions for industries

Pierlite has been serving companies across various industries. Talking about the same and briefing more about the products that it has to offer, Gus Arianto says that, “For our commercial, healthcare and industrial market segments, Pierlite offers truly tailored lighting solutions that empower both asset managers and building occupants.”

Pierlite’s Beyond Light solutions are particularly true of this. Pierlite Connect is one of the most innovative lighting solutions under the Beyond Light banner, offering customers capabilities that stretch far beyond lighting. Pierlite Connect provides cloud ecosystems for buildings that bring together lighting, sensors, controls and analytics. It enables users to manage a network of IoT functions across their property or portfolio, including optimising lighting, monitoring air quality, building safety, temperature, real-time tracking of occupancy and security systems, all underpinned by smart analytics.

COVID-19 has also created new strategic opportunities for it’s Beyond Light solutions. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is now a need for spaces like schools, offices, retail stores and airports to create safer indoor environments that minimise virus transmission risk. One Pierlite solution that seems most exciting is the newly developed air-scrubbing light fitting called ‘Aether’ that will inactivate and remove airborne micro-organisms then filter the particulate from the air, pushing cleaner, safer air back into the space.

The patented design allows for this fitting to be safely operated while the space is occupied, and they have gone to extensive lengths via local and international testing facilities, certifications and design iterations to ensure the safety of the device’s operation and its effectiveness at deactivating and removing airborne micro-organisms such as COVID-19. This system has huge potential to set a new standard of increased safety, not only relating to COVID-19 but also most influenza viruses. The fitting can be applied in commercial office spaces, health facilities, schools, government and public buildings.

Pierlite has also recently released its Design on Demand ecosystem, a web-based platform that enables commercial, healthcare and industrial customers to easily customise light fittings to their desired specifications in just minutes. Upon placing the order, customers are delivered bespoke lighting products in just weeks, not months.

Finally, Pierlite provides lighting solutions that support the productivity and wellbeing needs of building occupants. It also provides human-centric lighting solutions, lighting that changes colour temperature throughout the day to synchronise with their circadian rhythms, improving wellbeing and productivity. In addition to the features and product benefits described above, Pierlite’s solutions are well-supported by local assembly, distribution and testing capabilities in the ANZ region.

For our commercial, healthcare and industrial market segments, Pierlite offers truly tailored lighting solutions that empower both asset managers and building occupants.

Culture and Leadership

For the success of any organisation, its leadership plays a pivotal role. Answering our question on how the culture is at Pierlite and the role of the leadership team Gus Arianto said that- “Our leadership team is a diverse mix of both gender and capability, balancing both lighting industry experts and technology experts with broader innovation backgrounds. This diverse leadership mix is critical to Pierlite’s strategic priorities as it pursues Beyond Light solutions that combine traditional lighting with cloud and IoT technology.”

Culture is also incredibly important. Management at Pierlite is proud of their team’s agility, commitment to innovation, playing to our diverse strengths and willingness to always challenge the status quo. Complementing their leadership and innovation culture are the strong global relationships with partners and suppliers. As much as possible, Pierlite works with local Australian and New Zealand manufacturers, but they also have a strong network of large suppliers and partners across Europe and China.

Future Ahead

Beyond Light will be Pierlite’s primary area of strategic focus in the years ahead. Our Beyond Light proposition is taking light to the next level by either combining light with other technologies to expand its capability OR to give light itself new capabilities not currently in the market.

With creating safer indoor environments, which is a significant priority for building managers in the wake of COVID-19, our focus at Pierlite is on offering novel solutions, like their Aether fitting, that purifies the air, helps asset managers monitor occupancy and density, and ensure spaces are well-ventilated. Pierlite solutions will play a vital role in supporting ‘safe return to office’ processes.

Pierlite, as an organisation, has already made strong headway and are well ahead of the project schedule. With the market still bound to grow, the future looks bright for everyone at the organisation.


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