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P23 Labs was established to remove healthcare barriers and to allow access to molecular and genetic testing, helping underserved communities monitor disease and understand their health, without the fear of their data being sold or DNA being put into a data bank. P23 Labs was built to be a safe place for molecular diagnostics in its true and best form. This idea was before COVID-19, however, the pandemic allowed it to embody its mission. P23 Labs are a high-complexity molecular diagnostics lab, specializing in preventative diagnostic testing of infectious disease. From PCR pathogen testing to other infectious diseases, P23 Labs ensure fast, accurate results so that we take proactive steps to improve our health.

P23 Labs take pride in being the first laboratory to pioneer a new take on personalized medicine and molecular genetic testing. The tests are primarily focused on the individual, with many of them based on the person’s DNA, and the RNA of the targeted infectious disease. P23 Labs employ methods like PCR, Mass Array, Genetic Sequencing, and ELISA to provide the best available, state of art actionable results. This allows educating and empowering patients and partnering with providers for the best outcomes. Medical professionals get reliable insights for accurate medicine selection, in particular, and antibiotic treatment against infectious diseases. The benefit is that patients use medications that promote wellness and speedy recovery. “Our vision encourages us to find the magic, balance, and integration between science, medicine, health, digital healthcare, and clinical diagnostics. We are driven by our pursuit for excellence, passion for science and innovation, and desire to become the largest private preventative public health laboratory in the United States,” says Dr. Tiffany Montgomery, CEO, and CSO, P23 Labs.

P23 Labs’ Respiratory ONE is a unique way to test for over 20 viral and bacterial respiratory pathogens with one sample. It can use either a saliva sample or a nasal swab to test for common respiratory infections.

The test includes RSV, Flu, and the common cold. This test is great for patients who test negative for COVID-19 but still have symptoms. At this crucial juncture, this test is much needed. Respiratory infections are on the rise, beyond COVID-19 and this test will help ease fear and provide accurate treatments.

P23 has many partners among which BioIQ was one of the first partners to launch our at-home COVID-19 testing and the first partner to launch our Respiratory ONE product. Being an early partner has allowed P23 Labs to service many industries keeping athletes, entertainers, and essential workers healthy who ultimately help all of America. Adapting to changing technological trends is the biggest challenge for P23 Labs and a requirement to be effective. P23 Labs’ vision was to be a public arm aiding the community like the CDC. The current biggest challenge is addressing the different variants and trends of COVID-19, adapting to the vaccine, and how the variants and vaccines will work together.

P23 Labs’ ease of use and family feel is its differentiating factor. Rarely in the medical field, do patients have a place to get the care that feels like family? P23 Labs are the home away from home for our staff as well as our clients. P23 Labs aims to remove the distance between healthcare practitioners and their patients. They’re all about helping patients understand their health to lead healthier lifestyles. This means no more complex, hard-to-understand language. P23 provides simple, at-home testing options, breaks results down, and takes the time to explain them to patients. It’s the goal of P23 to make preventative health accessible to all. The team of P23 aims to be by our side every step of the way, from testing to results, and lifestyle guidance. The molecular diagnostics laboratory provides genetic testing to help us understand the code in our cells and can help pinpoint the potential development of a specific disease so we can take proactive steps to secure our health.

P23 Labs team of medical experts and healthcare practitioners are on hand to help us take the steps needed to feel empowered and sure about our health and body. After testing, P23 provides guidance and advice tailored to our results. It’s never been easier to take care of our health and with P23 Labs at-home testing kits it is made even more convenient. P23 kits include PCR pathogen testing to a genetic test for fitness as well as molecular tests that will help us pinpoint potential red flags for future health problems, so we can take proactive steps to boost wellness.

P23 Nail Fungus Test is our key product check out. If the nails are discolored, show thickening, or are separating from their bed, this could be a sign of onychomycosis or fungal infection. It’s more common than we may think and can be a simple cosmetic irritation. But for some, it can cause social and emotional discomfort or physical pain and discomfort. It’s worth getting tested because there are risks of permanent damage to the nail and the spread of the infection to others. In rare cases, it could be a tell-tale sign of the progression of systemic disease. But there’s no need to worry, with a simple at-home test P23 can find a diagnosis and the right treatment for you.

P23 Labs are striving to become a global organization serving all of the United States and beyond. The team is excited to share its grand opening in a new location in Puerto Rico where P23 will continue its efforts to serve the underserved populations. P23 Labs are positioned to be the only molecular diagnostics boutique laboratory located on the Island, allowing it to provide testing needs to other islands. P23 Labs’ mission is to take preventative public health into the future, empowering more people to take positive steps when it comes to health and wellbeing through simple, convenient testing that works with different lifestyles. P23 Labs’ pursuit for excellence and passion for medicine drives them and are unapologetically enthusiastic about everything in molecular science.


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