Customer Experience (CX): Often viewed as a cost with little or no return: (CX) is often viewed as a cost, versus a strategy or as an outcome as a result of customer’s feelings and perceptions upon interacting with a brand. Organizations often use CX as an extension of customer service and improve upon the same by devising future strategies based on the outcome. For Officium Labs, an innovative start-up firm headquartered in San Mateo, CX is more than just a business aspect. When Jonathan Shroyer, Founder, Offcium Labs along with Scott McCabe, its Co-Founder together brainstormed on several ways as to how to help organizations and their customers derive great value mutually for longer sustainable periods, the inception of Officium Labs was already in the making. What caught the attention of Jonathan and Scott was a report published by the NewVoiceMedia in 2018.

According to the report, poor customer service has been costing organizations up to $339 billion globally, while losses soaring up to about $13 billion had been estimated until 2016. “What it means is that organizations are losing out not only on a huge revenue-generating opportunity in CX, but also on the most significant of all aspects, which is CX itself”, says Jonathan. This conundrum was what led to the inception of Officium Labs in 2019.

CX Through the Eyes of Officium

According to Jonathan, most of the organizations have only viewed CX as a business strategy or are just involved in solving important problems and opportunities surrounding CX. “We didn’t see many organizations attempting to completely leverage CX to maximize lifetime customer value and revenue. Our goal is to help companies regain the $339 billion a year they are losing and, in the process, upgrade the customer experience across the globe by 2030”, he says.

When the founders of Officium were brainstorming on how traditional CX models were becoming less resource-generating ones and how they were hampering the vast spectrum of CX resources and capabilities, the need for an innovative model arose. This new CX model according to Jonathan and Scott would not only generate immense revenue for Jonathan Shroyer organizations but would also bring in new customers.

How Does Officium Help?


Officium Labs through its service-oriented approach correlates an organization’s service to its financial performance and demonstrates the strategic role played by CX in generating revenue for organizations. Officium does this by demonstrating its unique ServiceStack™ approach. The patented framework developed by Jonathan its CEO combines the use of best practices, a technology service platform, and a network of front-line and expert human resources to help clients build outstanding customer service organizations.

The ServiceStack™ team starts off by assessing the strengths and weaknesses of a firm’s CX operation and then creates and executes the CX Framework. Officium’s CX Framework involves developing a strategic roadmap to take the organization’s experience design to the next level thus helping them realize the immense value of their
customer experience and journey.

Our goal is to help companies regain the $339 billion a year they are losing and, in the process, upgrade the customer experience across the globe by 2030

A Case Study

One of the core areas where Officium is leveraging its expertise is in the gaming industry. For one of the firm’s clients which is a Fortune 10 gaming company, Officium focused on effectively improving its service models; A CS tech stack through which a variety of service providers would cover the required level of support each player intends to receive. The service model was divided into three categories of players; Occasional players of free games, Mid or Low tier players, and MVP. In the first instance, Officium went about completely changing its (CustomerService) CS tech stack which consists of a set of technology CRM tools, advanced AI, Bots and Analytics tools, and key applications and support resources. The next step was to improve the overall player experience and deliver long-term value. Officium started by rebuilding its CS stack based on proven best-in-class services capabilities, as a result of which Officium helped its client identify key capabilities it needed to make players happy and to drive a high-performing CS operation. The firm then designed a player-focused service model to increase service levels to match player value. The key metrics that were given the complete focus on were Customer Satisfaction and Player Lifetime Value. The overall approach implemented by Officium enabled them to improve customer satisfaction from 39% to 63% for MVP players of the game. “As a CX company, we measure success based on the value we are able to generate for our customers. We have helped dozens of organizations to improve their customer interactions, enhance the workplace environment, as well as producing significant ROI associated back to customer experience improvements”, says Jonathan.

The Future of Service is Coming

One of the ways Officium stands out from the rest is in its impeccable expertise in the area of remote and decentralized networks. “Our TalentPlace capability is certainly a differentiating factor which consists of decentralized network of people and currencies, creating a remote workforce model that improves work/life balance and shifts wealth from large cities to new communities around the world”, according to Jonathan. Officium’s TalentPlace has already been receiving high regards with many calling it “the uber of customer service” for its real-time capabilities and flexible nature.

Officium recently achieved an extremely impressive +100 eNPS score in February 2021 which tells a lot about the firm’s work environment and work culture. The firm’s CX Lab facility is one of its upcoming most exciting ventures. “This will be a place for the CX community to engage with innovative workshops, hear from top experts, A/B test a CX problem, or just get the creative juices flowing”, says Jonathan. The firm has put its first official step toward offering cryptocurrency while also crossing an incredible $9M in revenue recently in February 2021.


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