Oculus produced controllers with messages that mock privacy

Oculus produced

A number of its touch controllers have been released by Facebook-owned Oculus with messages that mocked privacy. These controllers are claimed to be only prototypes. Nate Mitchell, co-founder of Oculus, revealed in a tweet that the ‘easter eggs’ mocking privacy concerns about some of its Oculus touch controllers’ internal components were meant only for prototypes.


In the tweet, Mitchell says phrases such as “This Space For Rent,” “Big Brother Watches,” “Hi iFixit! We’re looking at you!” And ‘ The Masons Were Here ‘ accidentally made their way to tens of thousands of Oculus touch controllers ‘ internal hardware.

As of now, none of the products affected have been shipped to consumers. However, it is still unknown whether the company will sell these controller versions or will write off this part of the inventory.

Mitchell also states in the tweet that the process of manufacturing has been fixed and also guarantees that this kind of error will not happen again.

This could be a big issue for Facebook, which is currently struggling with many charges of invading its users ‘ privacy.


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